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What’s the Best Home Security System for your Home?

Technology nowadays allows you to install a home security system that can be remote controlled away from home. 

With home automation systems, one can now control lights and basic appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and even pet feeders even away from your home.integrated home security system smart home security system smartphone integration home automation cctv camera system security systems Archid

By just using a smartphone App, you can now link up your home security system, including door locks and alarm systems to your phone.

Best smart security systems have become more and more affordable for the regular homeowner. 

Normally, when architects complete house designs, an imperative but optional feature is usually missed: home security systems.

New homeowners are always focused on how well their house looks. But even the best looking home is not immune to intruders.

So where do you start with improving your home security detail? What can be done to incorporate a good home security system into your house? wireless alarm systems DIY home security systems Archid

Now you can choose whether to pay a security company to monitor and keep watch over your property or just to do it yourself.  

Either way, you still need to know the different home security measures that are available in the market today..

Surprisingly, there are more home security system options available than you can think of.

1. Security Access Control Systems

Security access control systems biometric access control point best home security systems 7 best home security system tips ArchidHome security access control systems are all about welcoming the right people to your home and keeping them safe.

A good home security access control system should help you manage who enters your home, when and how.

To do this effectively you will need to look into installing the following access control systems components:

  • Intercoms

  • Access control point such as a gate, fence, wall or any physical barrier

  • Locking mechanism

  • Biometric access control (optional on home security systems)

face recognition access control system eye recognition security access control systems home security ArchidInstalling a good intercom system for the home is a must for most homeowners.  

Intercom systems ensure that anyone coming near your home is verified and given access to enter.

In some residential areas like complexes and gated communities this function is carried out by dedicated security personnel.  This person ensures that visitors are screened and documented before allowing them inside.

2. Security Doors and Locks

Doors can become easy to kick in if they are not secured properly. 

7 best home security system Security doors keys security systems advanced security systems residential security systems wireless security system review the best home security system double action door lock strong metal front door ArchidThat being said, a heavy set door, such as a solid core hardwood or one covered with metal, and an incredibly sturdy deadbolt lock can be a good first layer of defence.

Having a door with a peephole adds extra security.  It ensures that you are aware who is coming to the door beforehand. 

You will also need to ensure that the door fits snugly into the door jamb. For added peace of mind,  make sure that you buy and install locks from a reputable home security shop as soon as you move into a new house.

3. Security Motion Sensors

Motion detection systems security motion sensors security systems best home security system reviews for best home security system ArchidA fact most people do not realize is that thieves are not risky enough to target a well-lit home. 

Placing motion sensors around the house may take a while to adjust to, especially during the night.  But in the long run, it discourages people from hiding around the yard, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

There are many choices of security motion sensors available in the market today.  

Just make sure to research the durability and accuracy of various motion detection systems out there so that you find the best fit for your house.

4. Security CCTV Cameras

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television.

Best home security system cctv camera with motion detection activation ArchidLatest CCTV cameras are made in much more convenient sizes so they can be easily placed around the perimeters of your home. 

If someone comes to your door, then the security cameras allow you to see who is at the door before answering it. This allows you the option of opening the door for a stranger or not.

And if there is an individual at home you’re unsure of, such as a babysitter or maintenance worker, having security cameras inside can be incredibly beneficial.

The integration of your home security system with your smartphone will also allow you to monitor any movements around your home right from your smartphone.

5. Safe

best home security document safe Security doors keys security systems advanced security systems residential security systems safe ArchidThere are always sensitive documents one needs, whether it is passports, PIN numbers, etc. The question becomes, where is the best place to put these documents? 

Some people may put these in filing cabinets or elsewhere in their bedroom but the most secure place is the safe.

It is important to have a strong safe as it can possibly affect house insurance and one which also has the potential to withstand a fire. 

Should such a disaster occur, the last thought on your mind should never be your most valued documents.

6. Security Alarm Systems

wireless alarm systems best home security system tips for security alarm system Alarm system ArchidEven though there are many other home security components available for your home, alarm systems remain the best security detail for most homeowners.

There are numerous home security companies that provide top-notch protection with alarm system integrations.  

Do your research because some home security companies offer more features in their monthly-paid packages than others.

It will take a lot of inquiries to understand what is best suited for your home. If you do end up opting for a linked home alarm system service, ensure that all entries of the house are monitored and covered under the plan.

7. Common Sense

Yet another aspect of life that most people tend to forget about.Newspaper delivery security systems vacation newspaper delivered on the door security risk using common sense to deter intruders top home security system ideas Archid

Usually when vacations are taken, people forget about their home security. 

People forget that home deliveries of newspapers and the likes do not necessarily stop now that they go on vacation.  

This sometimes leads to a build-up of newspapers and other mail piling up on their front door. As you can imagine, this is a sure way to tell that people are not at home, allowing thieves an easy haul.

It is for this reason that light timers were made for.

If you know that you will be going on lengthy holidays, Invest in timers. 

Security doors keys security systems advanced security systems residential security systems ArchidTimers will ensure that your home lights go on and off at particular periods of the night.

Another trick is asking your neighbors to park in the driveway once in a while or to even check inside your house to make sure all is well.

There are a number of home security systems available for your home.  The home security system details already mentioned here are only a few to incorporate. 

However, it is the minor details that make the difference in the overall success of your home security detail.  Common sense is one such detail.

For example, ensuring a window is at least more than 40 inches away from the door removes the risk of an intruder gaining easy entry into your home.  In this case the intruder cannot just break the glass and reach for the lock on the door.

Another option that is becoming much more popular is having stops or screws on the patio doors or windows. This prevents them opening more than the desired amount and limiting the chance of successful intrusion.

Believe it or not, a home security system is much more important in today’s crime ridden societies.  Considering that crime has a strong correlation with the country’s ho status, if a country is in a recession, the chances of robbery increases. Security controlled complexes gated communities home security system safety and security in gated communities Archid

Taking good security and safety measures around your house is very important because your family deserves nothing less.

Do not risk being a target and invest in a proper home security system today.

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