Kyalami Estate

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Sophisticated Modern Architecture Design

The allure of a modern gated estate comes alive with this stunning modern house design.  This modern house design generates visual excitement through its combination of spacious rooms, exterior building materials and shapes. With two frontal levels, this modern style house design nestles perfectly into a rising contoured site. The different beam projections on the exterior diminishes the height and add an enormous amount of character.  The dominant exterior materials is plaster, natural stone cladding  and a continuous wrap-around of glass curtain walling with a flat concrete roof.

Wide Open Room & Ultra Modern Architecture

The front entry to this house design is on a raised platform that aligns to the interior room split floor levels. On the entrance porch is a cantilevered beam canopy with its symmetrical glazing wrapping around the front and side facades. As you enter the vaulted main entrance hall you find the staircase that takes you up to the first floor level.  Adjacent to the entrance hall is a visitors lounge and the formal dining is further in also raised as if on a platform.  The kitchen floor is split with a few steps leading down to another level.  The large kitchen features a large peninsula style counter with a breakfast nook and a walk-in pantry.  There are plenty of overhead cabinets and lots of counter space. The dining room and family den opens out to a large pool and Jacuzzi area.

A House Design With a Twist

Upstairs you're led by an attractive straight flight of stairs to a study and entertainment room.  A generous master bedroom has access to a balcony.  The are two walk-in closets that leads to a well-appointed master bathroom.  This house design is practical, attractive and efficient despite the large curtain walls.  The house features a few recyclable energy technology sources that guarantees inexpensive comfort to its occupants.  Downstairs the bedroom wing includes three bedroom, including a guest bedroom en-suit.

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