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Whether you are an individual homeowner or seasoned property developer of fine home designs, undertaking a simple house design or multi-housing development, we just make the architectural design journey so much easier. To the client, this means being able to obtain creative house plans in South Africa, architecture home designs, up-to-date planning and construction advise and information, Cost saving home building plans, quality architecture home design and construction drawings. That's not all. What is even more important is to have all the above, house designs, advise and quality service, brought to you at the right TIME, COST and from the right SOURCE.

Archid Architecture is a dynamic Architectural Design and Project Management company that is recognized for its innovative exploration of architectural design. Our Studio situated in Fourways, Sandton - South Africa, is led by a team of Architecture & Urban design professionals who are registered with The South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP). Our members carriers diverse expertise both in Urban Architecture and Development Management. It's therefore not surprising that Archid Architecture prides itself with the levels of architectural design and project management.  Not mentioning the contribution we've made in retaining the highest standards of architecture in South Africa.  Our house designs, house plans and architectural designs shows a general reputation for our integration of architectural design services.

ARCHID has a collective pool of experience in Architecture Design and Project Management (18 years and counting)...when it comes to the house design, planning and construction, we understand that it's important for our clients to have a peace of mind. To Archid Architecture, design success begins from day ONE. Whether it's house plans, architectural design drawings or detailed building plans, we serve our clients from start to finish and see them through the entire process, from the first notion of a design "IDEA" to the day they "move in" that way we can be satisfied that our job is done.


-  High Quality Architectural House Design

Our belief is that any planning, architecture home design will fail if it does not pay particular attention to the purpose for which it is commissioned for.

At Archid Architecture we have the flexibility to offer our clients any of our design services and products in various combinations to form an ideal solution. This will include: House plans, architecture home design, Office layouts, house plan blueprints, 3D Renders, etc

Archid Architecture offers a wide range of comprehensive residential and commercial architecture home design services. These services include (but not limited to):

  • New House Plans
  • Residential Architecture.
  • Commercial & Industrial Architecture.
  • Planning co-ordination.
  • Office Space Planning and Refurbishments.

-   Project Management

  • Contractor Selection - Once all planning requirements have been adhered to and the necessary permissions and approvals have been obtained, Archid can be appointed to co-ordinate the tender and builder selection process.
  • Quality Assurance - Clients may also appoint Archid to conduct regular on-site quality control once construction commences. The service ensures that the construction process achieve the quality and detail outline on all construction documents (ie. drawings, specifications, etc)
  • Project Management - In addition to the above mentioned services, Archid is appointed to ensure that the contractor, consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors achieve their stated deliverables at the right TIME, COST and QUALITY throughout the duration of the works.

-  3D Modelling & Rendering

The quality of our 3D Models ensures that the client receives an accurate understanding of the architecture home design intentions right from the start.

Archid Architecture utilizes leading 3D Visualization tools at the preliminary stages of architectural design to introduce the client, with exceptional detail, to the proposed architecture home design outcomes.

This gives the client the "sixth sense" into the architectural design process earlier on which then assist both client and the architecture home design team to have an unequivocal input throughout the house plan design stage. In Housing developments this also ensures attractive 3D "photo-real" visuals for use in Sales pamphlets, etc.

  • “Thank you for your wonderful service. It has been an absolute pleasure...

    Will most definitely rave about your company to everyone I know that are in need of such service...”

    Mrs Burger (Fourways)
  • “Man, i do not know what else to say. I have been blown away by the work you have done for us. This is so good"

    Mr Nangammbi (Birdwood Estate, Hartebeespoortdam)
  • “I really like your 3D models…they helped us understand better what we wanted ...I will not hesitate in referring you guys...”

    Mr Chetty (Blue Valley Estate)
  • “We would really like to thank you for the wonderful service you've given us. I'm so shocked and amazed at how quick your services was, i'm definetly going to refer others to you. Thank you very much”

    Mr & Mrs Molebatsi (Ruimsig)
  • “...Thank you so much on an excellent service … we really appreciate it”

    Dr Grootboom (Silverlakes, PTA)
  • (email from a former client referring another client).."Their service and professionalism was excellent at all times. I can highly recommend”

    M Penzhorn (Wendywood, Sandton)

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