Tuscan House Design – Northcliff

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A Tuscan House Design On A Hillside

This versatile, multi storey 3 bedroom Tuscan house design was designed from a brief that required a secured home on a steep inclined slope on an exclusive hillside suburb of Northcliff in Johannesburg.  The plot had extremely restrictive contours that descends from street level.  In addition to that, the previous owners had another home there that was badly built and had subsequently been demolished with part of the rubble left on site.

The Architect's Brief

Archid architect's main challenge was determining the actual contours and depth of solid ground on which to base the foundations.  Archid architects' focus was then to meet these challenges and provide the client with a grand 3 bedroom Tuscan house design that was structurally solid and yet easy to the eye.

A Stately 3 Bedroom Modern House Design

This Tuscan house design incorporates the organic features that complements its natural steep incline surroundings. The practical design of this 3 bedroom, three storey Tuscan house design offers magnificent views and enable a seamless flow between upper and lower floors by using the difficult contours of the site to its full advantage.  The main entrance canopy is supported by three feature columns that gives a bold facade and stately appeal. The superb floor layout appeals to any lifestyle and fill this 3 bedroom Tuscan house design with plenty of light and useful spaces.  There’s enough flexibility of living spaces which are still private from one another while providing excellent views from almost all the rooms.

Exploring Comfortable Living In This Classic Tuscan House Design

All the living areas have an airy feel to them and opens onto the pool deck with views stretching as far as the eye can see.  The separation of the lounge and family rooms afford this home design a sense of privacy from one another yet both opens seamlessly onto the entertainment deck.  The lap swimming pool is creatively embedded onto the deck platform which is cantilevered from the natural ground level below.

The front entrance features an exquisite bridge with a cascading water feature below.  The stylish columned main entrance porch of this 3 bedroom Tuscan house design marvel opens onto a large curtain wall that affords spectacular views of the deck and beyond.  The stylish stainless steel/wire balustrades wraps around the edge of the sprawling entertainment deck.

A Cosy Tuscan House Design!

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