Water Villas – Comoros Island

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Water Villa Design

Water Villas in the beautiful Island of Comoros.  These luxury over-water bungalows provide a unique float-like deck for it's occupants.  The deck is perches above turquoise water off the shores of the Island.

Over water Bungalow House Plans with Pictures

In the world of vacation resort and island getaway, very few things can beat the paradisaical haven that is an over water bungalow. Apart from being secluded from the rest of the world, these house plan designs are endlessly luxurious and even have a romantic feel to them, making them a honeymooner's dream. With such close proximity to water comes ample opportunity to enjoy the best of water sports. Most over water bungalows open house plans epitomize the brilliance of this design genre and often celebrates the beauty of nature.

This quintessential water villa of ours is no different. The modern house plan is not only consistent with the hallmark of over water bungalow home layout, but it also has durability and sustainability as the core of its design.

In-Water Luxury House Plans for Sale

Perhaps you've been wishing for a dreamy villa that can offer you privacy amidst jaw-dropping views. We're sure this mesmerizing water villa house plan drawing will summarize your desires. Designed for experiencing luxurious living on the striking blue waters of Comoros island, these typical in-water house 3 room house plan is suitable for residency. Everything about the home is positioned to take advantage of the water setting and generally blend with this natural environment.

There is no limit to how much you can enjoy the fullness of nature in such a home as this.

House Plan Design for Comoros Island Living

Our deluxe in-lagoon villa has a dramatic exterior and the home is a perfect blend of style and size. The house plan with pictures incorporates a thatched-roof system that enhances the natural theme of the design. There's also an expansive sundeck floating on the turquoise water. This deck is just the perfect excuse to spend less time indoors.

The deck provides enough space to dine alfresco while soaking in awe-inspiring scenery and listening to the sweet sounds of nature.

A Knockout Modern House Plan Design Fit for Relaxation

This home is obviously designed for relaxation and nature appreciation as there is a flight of stairs leading up to a semi-covered upstairs porch. The extra height that this space supply allows you to see farther even though the estate design is not a double story house plan. And you can take shelter in this porch without having to go inside. However, being inside does not mean you'll be closed off from the spectacular wonders that abound in the outdoors.

One of the great things about this open floor house plan over water bungalows design is that it permits nature to meld with the indoors. There are large glass windows and doors all over the house so that even while inside you can take a peek at the stunning outdoor scenery.

Open floor house Plan Luxury Villa

This flawlessly curative luxury of a water home does not fail to incorporate a pontoon walkway that will allow occupants to take leisurely walks when they feel like. Another ultra-luxurious feature that comes with this modern house plan is the private infinity over water jacuzzi that sits mere steps away from the villa's entrance. A dream house plan for sale like this will no doubt rouse serious pangs of wanderlust in anybody. The airy living space is to die for. You can lounge under the palapa any day, anytime.