Blue Valley

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An Opulent 4 Bedroom House Design

Situated in an exclusive golf estate, this property was designed specifically to complement its surroundings.  The brief was for a 4 bedroom house in modern Tuscan design style that would stand out from the other neighbouring properties.  This meant that a core design intention was to present bold elevations of the property that will be seen and appreciated from both street frontages while offering the occupants an uncluttered, yet private view of the golf course.  Since the property is situated on a corner stand, at the top of a gentle slope, the owners required a 4 bedroom house that would also capture the surrounding 180 degree views.

4 Bedroom House Plan For Outdoor Living

The architectural design makes maximum use of the stand size and as such, all the bedrooms have access to balconies and some facing north for maximum exposure to the northern sunlight.  The other requirement in the house plan, was to provide garaging for 4 cars and additional parking for visitors and since the property also lies at a junction of two local roads, we utilized the opportunity that was presented by the dual street frontage and access.  As a result, this has served the clients need for parking and to accommodate his fleet of cars.  Since this 4 bedroom house is located on a gentle crest well above a manicured golf course with great views to the north and east, the back and entertainment spaces receives the bright and comfortable north western sun rays

A House Design For All Seasons

On entering this modern 4 bedroom house through a double volume glass facade, nestled within an imposing curtain wall – flush glazed, you are ushered into a larger-than-average double volume entrance foyer that surrounds the impressive, see-thru staircase with it’s dual landing staircase which then leads to the two spatial wings of this 4 bedroom house.   All 4 bedrooms en-suites are spacious and airy. Each of the bedrooms has access to a private balcony/patio.

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