Xanadu Eco Estate

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A Distinct Home Design With Luxury Presence

Our team created a distinct home design that provides an immense presence when welcoming the owner home. With two storeys this contemporary home will provide a substantial stoic image for years to come. The front perspective of this distinct home design immediately provides a glimpse of many different windows. The two storey entrance way is majestic to say the least and greets every visitor in a manner that immediately leaves them in awe. Two stoic columns seem to frame in the entrance to help give height to this distinct home design. On the ground level there is a very spacious two car garage that is perfect for any homeowner to place their vehicles and any additional storage space as needed and has two elongated windows that seem to stretch the structure itself.

House Plans With Traditional Flair

A centrally located balcony helps provide ample stunning views and a place to witness the stunning beauty of the outdoors. Every detail of this distinct home design is meant to bring out the natural beauty surrounding it and this theme is spread out throughout the home. The low roof line provides a real sense of streamlined height and purposeful design. A clean line runs through the exterior of the home on every side of the house that perfectly separates the ground floor with the first floor and provides a symbol of status and luxury.

Traditional Architectural Design with A Modern Touch

Our team carefully combined the natural themes, shapes, and colours of the outdoors with the sharp lines and modern design of the contemporary architectural style. The natural beauty and warm sunlight of the natural surroundings continually warms the entire home through the expansive windows that are spaced strategically throughout this contemporary home. Nature will surround the home owner in a manner that will continually provide a substantial environment of serenity and calmness. This distinct home design is truly an inspiration of contemporary architecture that combines the aspects that one would expect to find in a distinct home design with the aspects only found in untouched nature. Our team completed a distinct home design that demonstrates the perfect combination of nature and modern design.