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First, our clients need to ensure that their choices will positively bring improvement in their family's lives and lifestyles. Secondly, they need to ensure that they employ the right people who have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to ensure among others, that government regulations and town-planning requirements are met. Your house plans should satisfy everyone involved.

Our Fees & Services - Archid Architects for house plans, house design, home design, architectural design, Fourways, South Africa

Lastly, clients need to obtain services that are in line with their financial budgets, protecting them against escalating building costs and limited resources. For us at Archid the solution lies in how best to integrate our expertise to benefit our clients in the best affordable way possible




Item Fees
Alterations & Additions (Incl Remodeling & 3D Computer Models)) From R95.00/m2
New House/Structure (Incl. 3D Computer Models) From R110.00/m2
Tariff per Hour for any additional technical work, where necessary. From R1250.00
Tariff per Hour for Site visits/Inspections within 30km Radius. From R1650.00
  • *Additions and alterations are subject to a minimum fee of R8500.00
  • *Payment Stages:
    • 1st - 20% Deposit at acceptance of Fee Proposal
    • 2nd - 60% At acceptance of Preliminary Designs
    • 3rd - 20% At completion of Detailed House
  • *Where applicable, a Structural Engineer is appointed and paid directly by the client.
  • *Local Authority/Municipal Plan Submission Fees are paid directly by the client.
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Architecture design and house plan design process by Archid Architects South Africa

What you will receive from Archid (Typical Outputs):-

1. Consultation to discuss the client’s requirements; assess these and give general advice on how to proceed.
2. Preliminary advice on any need for specialist consultants (ie. Structural engineers, Surveyors, etc).
3. Conduct a Site Visit to obtain Site Information
4. Review Town-planning information and guidelines from both the Local Authorities and Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) - where house plans are for a building in residential estates and complexes.
5. A Preliminary design incorporating the clients requirements (Incl. 3D illustrations)
6. 1 x Coloured set and 4x Copies of Working Drawings consisting of:-
a. Detailed and Dimensioned house Plans.
b. Detailed Cross-Sections as required by the Local Authority
c. Side Elevations
d. Electrical Layout (ie. Plugs, Switches, Lighting, etc.)
e. Sewer and Drainage/Plumbing Diagrams
f. Window and Door Schedule
g. 4x perspective - 3D Computer Model


Typical requirements for house Plans submissions to the Local Authority:-

- Signed House Plans Application Forms
- Signed Engineer's Appointment Form (Applicable where there are reinforced concrete floor and roof slabs, special reinforced foundations)
- A SACAP (For Professionally Registered Persons) Form – as per Architectural Professions Act 44 of 2000, Section 26(4) – to be signed by both Archid and the Client.
- Local Authority/Municipal house plans submission fees – Calculated based on the area (m2) of proposed works - ie. City of Joburg: R18.00/m2 (2018).
- A Copy of the Title Deeds - A copy of T/Deeds can be obtained from your bond financing Institution or transferring attorneys, A copy of the Company Registration Certificate must be attached if property is owned by a company.
A Signed copy of the Final Colour – coded house plans
- HOA/Body Corporate's signature and stamp (If Applicable) on each sheet.
- SANS 10400 (Energy Efficiency) calculations/rational design


Typical requirements for Building Line Relaxation Applications (House Plans) to the Local Authority:-

- Signed Building Line Relaxation Application Forms
- Signed Neighbour’s Consent (Adjoining Neighbour’s signatures)
- Building Line Relaxation submission fees – ie. City of Joburg: R400.00 (2015)
- A Copy of the Title Deeds - A copy of T/Deeds can be obtained from your bond financing Institution or transferring - attorneys, a copy of the Company Registration Certificate must be attached if property is owned by a private company, close corporation or Trust.
- A Signed copy of the House Plans.


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NB. This Schedule of Fees and Summary are For Your Information Only and serves only as a guide. Archid Architecture will prepare a formal Fee Proposal based on individual Client’s requirements, extent of works and other specific circumstances. Plan runners are appointed by the client to undertake house plans co-ordination, submissions and tracking.