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When the average house is built, chances are the interior design was not yet considered.  This is considered normal and many of the houses in the same neighbourhood were planned in the same way, with a few exceptions here and there.

And normal becomes boring after an elongated amount of time. It is healthy to have a change every once in awhile as it stimulates the mind and can be a great family bonding activity.

So what are some things that could be done to improve home life? The following are different aspects of interior design that one should consider when spicing up the rooms in the house. More often than not, these are features that get missed, ending in an incomplete look.

  • Decorating Styles.

    If you speak with an interior designer, they will tell you there are numerous styles of interior design that can be used. To name a few: retro, eclectic, south western and causal chic. Pick the style carefully since redecorating can be a hassle with the movement of furniture and time consuming.

  • Feng Shui.

    The most important characteristic of Feng Shui is that it takes a holistic perspective of interior design instead of the traditional room-by-room design. The idea is for the entire building to hold vibrant energy known as chi. if this is attained, then your home will feel so much more unique and wholesome, ensuring relaxation after a hard day’s work.

There are many ways to incorporate this into your home, even if architects designed it without Feng Shui in mind. Consult an interior designer as they can find ways to place furniture in the proper way to allow chi to flow through.

  • Furniture Placement.

    Whether or not Feng Shui is your cup of tea, furniture should be. Many shops offer numerous types of furniture, some coming with sets. Furniture is recommended to be chosen based on house plans as some homes experience the change of weather more than others due to broader and/or thinner windows or other house features. Placing them strategically allows the room in question to feel more open.

Rooms that feel more open and modern tend to upscale productivity within the home, especially if you work from home. Clutter creates disorganization in the mind which can lead to stress.

  • Spring or light shades bring a much more cheerful mood into your house, especially if you live in a country which has long and incredibly cold winters. For those people who want to feel invigorated each day, than choose bold colours such as a royal blue or dark green. To add more character, paint each room a different colour instead of the typical neutral tones.
  • Believe it or not, there are more types of flooring available than you may think. Each type works better for particular rooms, such as vinyl for the bathroom or ceramic tiles for the kitchen. Flooring should be chosen wisely since it is difficult to redo. Pick one which will complement the furniture and paint colour.
  • If you have the finances to splurge on interior design, then please do so. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky in that area. Sometimes, higher cost items always seem to be the better buy but that is not always true. Shop around for materials or items – you may be surprised at what can be found at a local thrift store or liquidation store.

These six aspects are only few things to consider. Conducting more research into a particular object or choice of interior design is wise as other factors may affect the durability such as moisture, heat, etc. So again, there are only a few of the thousands of options available.

If sitting in a consultation with an interior designer is possible, then it may help you with efficiency as it will drive you in the right direction. While a professional is the best to speak to, checking out home catalogs for ideas is a normal thing to do.

Hardware stores have sample paint swatches to take home for planning purposes and sometimes have built sets. Take some time to walk through these sets and other showcased items to see if it is a fit for you.

Overall, when decorating, try for a wholesome approach. The difference between a well thought out decorated room can be observed instantly in comparison to one which is not. Avoid this by educating yourself in interior design and creating a beautiful home that you can be satisfied with.






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