Home Security Systems, Alarms, Security Cameras – The Guide

Home Security

Home security, Contemporary Home, luxury modern home, Tuscan design, house plans, home designs, archid architects, gallery portfolio, architects in johannesburg, archid architects, house plans, Tuscan home design, architecture design, design style, house plans south africa, modern architectureHome security is preventive preparation to protect home, property and individuals in the home by the means of different technical sources and devises. Technical elements of home security include:

  • video surveillance
  • alarm system
  • gps in vehicles

Video surveillance protects homes and prevents burglaries and is a very effective home security system. It is an excellent security option for individual homes, apartments, small and medium companies, banks, post offices, galleries, factories, etc. Video surveillance is built in and linked with operative center and enables distance monitoring over protected property. A security agency will in this way supervise your home from their center and instantly react by sending intervention vehicle and patrol in crisis situation.

Video monitoring is an ideal option in combination with alarm monitoring and mobile security because it significantly decreases costs and provide optimum home security.

This will enable you to completely control your home and events around it, enabling you to prevent dangerous incidents, and most important, to feel protected and safe in your home.

Modern technical equipment and expert professionals will enable swift and timely reaction.

Alarm system for technical home security

Alarm systems- monitoring protection is modern type of protection where your home is monitored 24/7 over alarm centers that are built in your home and directly connected to monitoring center in security agency. In a case of burglary, security team will get a signal that breaking and entry is in progress and within minutes will arrive to the scene, which will prevent any criminal activity and at the same time notifies the police.

System ensures quick reaction and prevention of crime because every alarm system comes with radio transmitter that reports present situation in seconds-interval to operative monitoring center. Depending on situation, intervention team or technical service will arrive to the scene to intervene and remove any problem.

Control of vehicles (GPS) is a part of home security system through the implementation of security system in vehicles. This system is based on GPS (Global Positioning System)  technology and integrating it with web protocols. This enables client to monitor vehicle movement in real time so he will always know location of the vehicle in every moment. Some of options of this system are overview of movement history, speed of movement, stopping locations and for how long did vehicle stood  on that location, tracking fuel spending, etc.


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