11 Ways to simplify moving house

moving house, archid architects blogIf you want to cut down to minimum all the stress and negative energy that goes with moving house, keep on reading to find out some useful tips that will help you easy this delicate activity. These tips enable you to simplify moving house and everything will go smoothly and with minimum of stress.

Stress-free moving

  1. Don't postpone-preparations for moving - start early. The best thing to do is to start preparing for moving at least 1-2 months before the actual moving date. This will enable you to plan all the activities in time and very well.
  2. Prepare moving strategy. It is necessary to chose the mode how will you move all your property from old home to a new one. Taking enough time will enable to evaluate all the options and possibilities and choose the one that seems most reliable and financially sound.
  3. Inform movers about all the things you will move. Tell professionals about the volume of everything that needs to be moved and any special cargo so that they can prepare appropriate vehicle in time, as well as necessary equipment for safe transport of special cargo.
  4. Pick transportation mode that will best suit your moving needs. Talk with professionals you want to hire and they will tell you, depending on how far you are moving and amount of things you move, just how large vehicle you need to hire.
  5. Get rid of unnecessary and old stuff. Try to sell excessive furniture and give away things you don't need and that can be useful to someone else.
  6. Prepare enough of packing material to safely prepare stuff you move. You can pack majority of your things into cardboard boxes you can get around from stores and malls. You can also buy new boxes in all different dimensions.
  7. Properly distribute things into boxes. Don't mix clothes with breakables. To avoid possible damage, carefully pack breakables into boxes with sponge and other protective material.
  8. Make a list of valuables. You don't want to get in a situation that you can't remember where you put your valuables, because you are in a rush and mess because of the moving. Write down valuables and put them in a box you will keep with yourself.
  9. Precisely mark all the boxes. Write what's in every box so you don't have to check before it is time to unpack.
  10. Put in one box stuff you will need right away in your new home. Pack here things you will need first in your new home: hygiene necessities, toilet paper, garbage bags, clothes to change, etc.

11. Be available for movers. Weather you have hired people to move you or got help from friends or family make sure to be there for them and help them when they need you. Provide food and drink because moving requires lots of energy.