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What is a Craftsman Style House Plan Design?

When we go house hunting, we usually have a list of what to look for in an ideal home. For many people, character and functionality top that list. Meanwhile, no architectural style combines these two features as effectively and creatively as the craftsman style house design.

The craftsman style house design is quite popular, and you have probably come across it before, whether on TV or while talking to a real estate agent. A true craftsman style house is so homey and warm that it’ll feel like home before you even move in.

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Little wonder why a lot of people prefer this home style. There’s more to a craftsman style home than just its character and style. If you want to know more about this design and its distinctive characteristics, keep reading.

Brief History of the Craftsman Style House Design

Before the British arts and crafts movement of the 19th century started, Victorian homes were the order of the day. The Victorian style of architecture pays so much attention to beauty and glamour. This style incorporates over-the-top details in every direction. As such, only the wealthy could afford it.

Perhaps it is because of this that people rose against it and fought in favor of a craftsman style house, which is all about the elegance of simplicity and craftsmanship. The movement advocated for the use of local materials, clean, simple lines and crafted objects to create a home that even the poor could afford. Before long, this movement reached the United States where Gustav Stickley headed the cause and practically caused a revolution in the housing sector through his publications. In California, Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene adopted the style for their house designs and made it more popular.

But we cannot really do justice to the history of the Craftsman style house without mentioning an English designer by the name of William Morris. This man can be said to have founded the arts and crafts movement during the 1860s. He contributed immensely to the development of the craftsman style house through his supply of crafted materials to the common people.

What Else Should You Know about Craftsman Style House Designs?

  • They Boast of a Private Entryway Acting as a Drop Zone before the Main Living Space

A craftsman style house often has a private entranceway, which is where guests can drop their keys and purses. Apart from this, the entryway serves as an area for unwinding a while before entering the main living area. This space makes sure that your living room is not crowded with unnecessary items.

  • The Exterior of a Craftsman Style House Makes a Very Big Statement

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You just need to look at the craftsman style house design exterior to know all that it stands for. Its overall design is like no other. The construction has a lot of original wood, stone, and brick, and this makes a statement about the traditional construction style that the design follows. The first thing that will probably draw your attention is the huge triangular-shaped roof and low eaves. There’s also the covered front porch with square or round stone supports. You’ll spot dormers and wood beams as well.

  • Cased Openings Define Different Interior Spaces

Most traditional craftsman style homes have an open floor plan. This does not, however, mean that the style gives no room for much drama and character. In fact, the reverse is the case. Each of the rooms inside a craftsman style house is separated by thick cased openings. This way, the home will not simply have a straight line of sight from one end to the other.

  • Thick crown moldings is a Feature of craftsman Style house design

Hardly will you walk into a true craftsman style house and not find crown moldings sitting comfortably on the walls, and around windows. Crown moldings, which are usually done with great dexterity and attention to detail, is exactly the feature that gives these homes their custom feel. There are also built-in shelving’s, window seats, mixed metals, and reading nooks featuring hand-carved details all around the house.

  • The fireplace is the Center of a Craftsman Style house

The 19th-century British people considered family to be of great importance, and this is exactly what a fireplace symbolized to them–family. Unlike today’s modern homes where an updated kitchen means everything, a fireplace is the ultimate must-have as far as craftsman style homes are concerned. It is the first thing that steals your eyes the minute you walk into the living space. These fireplaces are often gigantic.

  • The Dining Room is designed with Wainscoting Details

If a view of a dining room adorned in elegance is what you’re looking for, then it’s a good idea to check a craftsman style home dining area. A square, waist tall wainscoting is normally used around the wall of the room. This feature adds to the warmth of the whole building.

  • Lots of Natural Light

Arts and crafts houses are known to be inspired by nature. This is why the design gives enough room for natural light to penetrate into the house. Even with a two-story home of this style, you’ll find that the staircase is located somewhere along an exterior wall, as opposed to being at the center of the house and thus blocking out light.

Are Bungalows and Craftsman Style Home Design the Same Thing?

Many people believe that Craftsman style house design and bungalows are closely connected, if not the same. But this is not necessarily true. The bungalow is a building style that originated from the Bengal region of India. Apart from being typically small, and simple, bungalows have sloping roofs and wide porch at their front entrance. They are usually no more than a single or one and a half stories.

Though bungalows and craftsman style house designs have a lot in common, and people have learned to use both terms interchangeably, they are not necessarily connected or the same. While craftsman is generally used to refer to the arts and crafts movement and the architecture style that resulted from it, the bungalow is simply a specific form of a building. As such, a bungalow can be designed in a craftsman style house.

Buying a Craftsman-Style Home

Especially as a family home, a craftsman style house design is a great choice for anyone searching for a new home. It has got lots of charm and character, open space and natural light. However, the style does have a few downsides which you must take note of before actually buying the home.

For example, with its old angled rooms and ancient built-ins, the floor plan of the structure may seem somewhat archaic. Besides, if you’re someone who doesn’t like a lot of drama, the home might turn you off. Again, the closet is one of the most important features of a home, especially in these modern times. However, most craftsman style homes do not have any.

If like most people you’re very particular about closets you’ll want to rethink your decision to buy this home style or opt for a modern craftsman style home that incorporates this feature. Of course, you can also decide to redesign the home later on, if you are not opposed to a little renovation work.

California has so many craftsman style homes. One of the reasons why it is so is that the climate there is just perfect for the style. Remember that you can always remodel the home to your taste even if you don’t like it at first glance. All you may have to do is add some details here and there, and you’ll be surprised at the beauty of the home you’re left with.

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