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With the right kind of window dressings, you will be able to:

  • Frame views
  • Filter breezes and sunlight
  • Provide you the necessary privacy when required

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Regardless of whether you line soft sheers or heavy drapes, curtains can be sued so as to frame the window, add texture, movement and warmth to the room and even later the room. Traditionally, curtains were used for formal living rooms and bedrooms but today, the trend has changed and many people are using curtains in literally all spaces.

Caring for curtains

Things that damage the curtains include pollutants, moisture and sun but most of the cases fabric handling can take a greater toll on them. Use quality lining to ensure that curtains dint fade easily, flick sticks and wands allow you to avoid touching the material. Have curtains washed by a professional in case you don’t know how to handle the fabric.

The green appeal

For eco-conscious people, go for the natural fabrics such as bamboo, cotton and linen. There are some curtains that are made using fibers that have been recycled. There are also the PVC free polyesters which require less water to create and they last a long time too.

Things to look out for

  • Eyelets: these are great for the fabrics that are light. Eyelets allow you to get the most out of the view.
  • Recessed pelmets: these are often built into the room’s architecture. They usually hide the curtain tracks within the ceiling space and this leads to a finish that is streamlined.


There are many types of blinds including the timber venetians and the translucent roller blinds. Regardless of what is chosen, they have a beauty that is always enduring. They can control light and they can also disappear when you don’t need them. Roller blinds are especially great when you want to control light without impacting design.

Using blinds when designing

One of the greatest things about blinds is the fact that they can block glare and heat. The greatest issue is the fading since the blind give protection from the sun. Wide styles will create an illusion of space and therefore are amazing for the smaller rooms. When used above the window frames the blinds actually make windows look much larger.

The trends

Organic textiles have been gaining lots of popularity over the years. People are moving away from the technical fabrics because they don’t have character and they give that flat appearance. With the organic options, you get much more interesting textures to work with. Many people prefer blinds that have a stronger color.

Caring for blinds

Many types of blinds are not well responsive to chemical solvents and water. Instead, you need to dust them on a regular basis and then try to spot clean all the stains. Cellular, roller and roman blinds can also be vacuumed.

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