The Carpet Buying Guide

archid architects, house plans, archid architects, house plans, Tuscan home design, architecture design, design style, house plans south africa, modern architecture with carpetsCarpeting provides soft warmth and offers a great landing spot for your feet. Carpeting usually muffles sounds and this leads to a serene room. The many textures, patterns and colors enhance the style within a room making it simply spectacular. There is also the in-built dirt repelling kind of technologies that are bound to make you work so much easier. Many of the carpets that are available today are able to withstand heavy traffic, kids and pets. When you study the different types of carpets, you will be able to determine the best carpeting for your room.

Types of carpets

Berber cut pile

This kind of carpet feels really thick below the feet and it adds a lot of personality to your room because of the coloured yarns that are crafted beautifully. This is the kind of carpet that suits all sorts of kid’s rooms and casual rooms because the colors will hides oil before you have to clean.

Berber loop-pile and multilevel loop

This is a carpet that is wool like and it has a surface that is rugged loop. This is a carpet that is most ideal for the casual rooms that have got lots of activity and traffic like:

  • Cottage
  • Country
  • And contemporary furnishings

The appearance is natural and handcrafted creating a very warm and personal atmosphere that will help with hiding vacuum marks and footprints.


This kind of carpet comes with some discernible carved definitions. It is able to spice up your floor surfaces with great colors that will suit contemporary and formal settings. You can get bold colors and tonal combinations that will hide stain and soil. It looks great after you vacuum.


This is a carpet that has got a cut pile surface that is well refined and is a great selection for dining and living rooms. It adds a very distinctive elegance to rooms giving a soft and smooth finish. This is a carpet that has got very subtle accents and highlights.

Textured plush

This is a kind of cut pile carpet which is ideal for different styles as well as settings. It is a great one for hiding footprints and any vacuum marks. This adds very causal beauty to your rooms. This carpet is a great one for your entire house and it is great for busy households.


Fibers allow you the opportunity to make the most informed decision when you are buying your carpet for different rooms.

The fibers that are available today include:

  • Nylon which is resilient, durable and resistant to abrasion. It is also fairly priced.
  • PET polyester is yet another amazing choice. It has great clarity in terms of color and is colorfast.
  • Triexta PTT has permanent protection against stains and is easy to maintain.
  • Olefin polypropylene resists fade, stains, moisture and chemicals. It is fairly priced.