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Bricks – 9 Reasons To Build with Bricks

archid architects, house plans, Tuscan home design, architecture design, design style, house plans south africa, modern architecture, brick, face bricks, clay bricks, building materials, face brickWhy Choose The Brick to Build Your House?

The brick has been used as a primary building material in domestic structures for well over several centuries.  A house is our most valuable possession that could cost a fortune depending on type of material used to build it. It is therefore best to keep all building materials at their highest quality to avoid long term wear. The choice of building material always determines the length of time your home will stand. brick is one of the house materials that has so many benefits and compelling appearance.

The Brick offers high quality material

brick wall at night, house with 3 bedrooms, NethouseplansJust like earth, a brick has a natural rich texture and colour. Hence, clay technique offers varied result on the finished surface. The design often amazes everyone with its ability to create different appearance.

The Brick is an all-time trendsetter

Through decades, building materials may evolve in various different forms but the brick stays the same. It has long lifespan with everlasting traits. A brick is almost always the right material for any housing needs. And most of the time, it always looks great.

The brick is a long lasting material

Many European buildings were built using bricks that dates back over many centuries ago. Some of the castles are still standing up till today. Today’s modern bricking methods offers a unique technique and aesthetic features that can last a lifetime.

The brick doesn’t need maintenance

brick wall at night, house with 3 bedrooms, NethouseplansWhen a house is built from brick, you can apply oil or painting and they don’t degrade its quality. Moreover, bricks are clean enough without hard preserve.

The brick as a cheap building material

The brick has a low cost and maintenance factor.  Apart from that, they have a high durability that can assert any building need. They are safe to use for any type of construction.

The brick offers higher property market value

Despite its low cost, a brick will not deteriorate in time because of its durability. Moreover, they always look edgy and in trend. As it never goes out of style, a property build with this material often has higher market value.  Their appearance is always good and it would be a great investment for any homeowner

The brick is a good fire resistant material

You could actually save a considerable amount of maintenance cost knowing that bricks are fireproof. Consider the life insurance or fire insurance itself when opting for this material.

It offers total safety for your family since your home is relatively fireproof. You can have peace of mind for the ones you love. Not to mention how they are also insect proof and water resistant.

The brick is a high quality insulating materials

The brick offers natural insulating for heat at home, especially when you install a heater or air conditioner. If you live in an urban residence, brickwalls provide a great barrier to the city’s noise. Which could be a huge advantage for people who prefers a quiet time at home.

The brick is versatile

Brickwork is versatile enough so you can always alter it. In case you want to renovate your house, adding a new space – bricks are cut easily and the work is accomplished a lot quicker than other type of materials.

The Brick is energy efficient

The brick is easily the most basic building material that provides good energy properties.



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