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Swimming Pool -All You Need To know

Above ground swimming pool

There are numerous elements to consider before deciding to build a swimming pool. Keep on reading to discover important factor you need to consider.  Is your swimming pool indicated in your house plans, building plans or architectural design drawings?

Note that your architect may have to draw the technical details on a house plans or blue prints.

Luxury house design swimming pool by Archid, Archid House Plans Hurlingham
Luxury house design by Archid
  • Type of swimming pool to build-open pool or closed pool

This is the most important question to answer before developing construction plan for the swimming pool. Basic options are: outside pool and inside pool. Do you want a swimming pool that will be perfect refreshment destination during hot summer or do you want a swimming pool in which you will be able to enjoy all year round? Obviously these details may not be clear at the beginning when drawing up home designs, house plans, architectural designs or building plans

If you don’t plan to use pool during winter then simply decide to make an outside pool. Outside pool will be perfect relaxing destination during hot summer days, every weekend or holidays as well as every afternoon after the work. Although outside swimming pools are usually used only during summer, you can prolong swimming season by adding pool

A modern House Plan in South Africa, 3 bedroom house with swimming pool photos, Archid Architecturedome or by heating water in combination with thermo-cover. All these details should be clearly shown by your architect in the architectural design drawings or house plans.

If you plan to use the swimming pool all year round, inside closed pool is an excellent option. When you build the pool inside your home, you can use it around the year, especially during the winter when days are shorter and it is too cold for afternoon strolls. This swimming pool can be part of wellness space together with the whirl pool, sauna and fitness area.

  • Building a pool-do you want to build on your own or do you want to hire

South African house plans, The hills estate Waterfall estate, South African House Designs, 4 bedroom house plans with photos, Archid architects

If you want to build on your own in order to save on expenses, you can use already prepared kits, or pool elements you can choose according to your desires. If you are not keen on constructing the swimming pool yourself, there is always an option to hire professionals who know everything about building the pools and will make sure that your every idea is fulfilled-for the right price.  Remember that your architect is more experienced and knowledgeable to guide you while drawing up your house plans.

  • Construction materials

Depending on construction technology and materials, there are several types and models of pools, such as: concrete pools, polyester pools, foil pools (liner pools), element pools, stainless steel pools.

  • Swimming pool maintenance

After the pool has been constructed and put into use, it is necessary to take care of pool cleanliness and water disinfection. You can choose to do that manually or to build in automatic system that will keep water clean.

  • Cost estimates

General estimate of pool construction depends on all of the previously mentioned elements so it is difficult to tell how much does pool construction costs. Quality of the pool construction, all of the elements in it will determine the price. Generally put, you can’t expect to build a quality swimming pool for under $10.000.

Everything will depend from the type of the pool (concrete, liner, polyester, etc.) its functioning (skimmer pool or overflow pool), desired equipment, where the pool will be built (outside or inside pool), etc. Ask Archid architects today to make the process a breeze.

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