Summer pools

Classic Swimming Pools

The costs of Swimming pools will vary based on the style and type of pool you select. There are do-it-yourself above ground swimming pools that will drop your price considerably.

Even with in-ground swimming pools there are parts that you can do yourself to save economically, however, it still remains an expensive proposition. Once you have sat down with your architect to review the house plans the swimming pool needs to be addressed completely then. There are stages that must be gone through thoroughly including the finishing stage of the swimming pool.

Starting with the first stage would be the excavation. If this is for an existing home this can really be an expensive proposition. Finding the right excavator requires research into experience, reliability and ethics. Even an above ground swimming pool requires excavation in order for it to sit properly on the ground.

The excavation for your in-ground swimming pool will require the use of heavy equipment. With this equipment the shaping of your swimming pool and of course the depth of your pool will be addressed.

Architects will generally offer you a complete rendition of what your swimming pool will look like, this will include the landscaping surrounding the swimming pool, tile that will be in and/or edge your swimming pool. This part of the house plan like any other part of one can be redesigned to one within your budget and/or liking. This requires researching what plans you might have in mind or in your budget.

This all will apply whether you’re building a new home or adding on to a pre-existing home. While all of this is going on, there becomes the question of the protective fencing. Each town, city or suburb has some form of law protecting you, children and possible trespassers against the unsupervised aspects and permissions for the use of your swimming pool.

Chlorinated Swimming Pools

Once you have decided on the actual swimming pool aesthetics itself. You are now looking at the idea of a contractor to take care of your pool once completed. swimming pool maintenance requires cleaning and chemical treatments.The chemical treatments generally require placing the right amount of chemicals in for the prevention of algae and bacteria. Knowing what to add and how much to add might very well be left to a professional. The cost for this will generally run the cost of a landscaper for weekly maintenance. However, if you decide that you are the do it yourself type of person, be sure to collect technical advice from a local swimming pool store and a specialist in your local hardware store. Very often you will be recommended assisting utilities such as algae or bacteria counters which are small instruments that measure the parts per million.

Salt Chlorinated Swimming Pools

You can also consider salt chlorinated swimming pools. Salt chlorinated pools does not mean that you will not have to use chlorine. Salt chlorination means that the salt will produce the much needed chlorine for your swimming pool. Should you have an existing pool, you will require a renovation. Whether a new pool or pre-existing you will require the generator which will produce a steady flow of chlorine and will be a more reliable way of keeping your algae and bacteria at bay.

Solar Heated Swimming Pools

Perhaps you are interested in having a solar swimming pool. There are advantages to solar heating pools. One is the cost efficiency, the elimination of fuel costs. There is also the fact that your swim season can be extended. The solar system works by the recycling of your pool water through the solar panels, this is done by using your existing swimming pool pump and the radiant heat from the sun. The solar panels should be positioned near the pool and in some instances dependent on the type of panels that you use, they can be even be placed on the ground. However, not all properties are designed for solar heated swimming pools.

There are many benefits to having a swimming pool. Your property value may not rise but it is a wonderful place to swim without fighting the crowds. It is a great way to keep the kids home with their friends. For extra enjoyment for those nighttime swims you can always have a heated swimming pool.

There is a lot to say both good and bad about being the owner of a swimming pool. Weigh your options including the economics and be sure to talk to other swimming pool owners. If a pool is want you want enjoy it and remember the all the safety tips.