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Solar energy advantages and disadvantages

Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

 In this article we will not only look at the solar energy advantages and disadvantages.  We also simplify the process of solar energy transmission, storage and distribution.  From passive solar energy to thermal energy generation.

Installation of energy solar panels advantages and disavantages of solar energy ArchidSolar energy technologies and products are fast becoming commonplace in the energy market today. 

Solar energy helps to foster economic growth as well as the environment.  

Over time, energy needs have been met solely by means of oil, coal and natural gas. 

However, recent discoveries about solar cell technology have made it more efficient to use than it was several years ago. 

For this reason, many people are today making the switch to solar power.

Now let us consider the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Solar Energy Advantages

  • Easy regenerated source of energy

This is however regarded to be the best advantage of using solar energy. 

Continuity is a basic factor associated with any product. 

As long as the sun rises and sets daily, solar energy will be available to all.  Hopefully for another billion years to come.  

Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy passive solar energy ArchidUnlike other sources of power, every country in the world can freely make use of solar energy easily without fear.

  • Solar energy can meet different types of power needs

Car charging with solar energy advantages and disadvantages ArchidWe have many needs that have to do with the use of power and in this 21st-century, power is crucial for survival.  

Solar energy can meet our daily energy needs.  

Solar energy can also be used as a good source of power in environments with no access to an electricity grid. 

Also, solar energy can be used in heavy industrial, transportation and used for building processes.

  • Low maintenance and functional cost of solar energy

Another important advantage of solar energy is that maintenance is not capital intensive. 

Production and maintenance costs are relatively on the low side. 

All it takes is to keep the solar panels clean always. You can have them cleaned a couple of times a year by contracting certain cleaning companies, who will normally do it for a minimal fee. 

It’s also difficult for the panels to wear or tear because there are not many detachable parts. 

The inverter is the only part that you need to renew within 5 to 10 years. 

Another part is to ensure that you maintain the cables for better effect.

  • Decreases energy bills

Electricity is a necessity in every home and organization. 

Without it, so many things will come to a halt, and this would affect our well being.  

We all know how important electricity is and that’s why many people would even pay heavily to have uninterrupted energy supply. 

The good news though is, with solar energy, you can pay less and still have as much energy supply as you need. 

The reason being that most of the power needs will be met through solar energy.

  • Use of advanced technologies for solar energy supply

It is a plus that solar energy technologies are advancing rapidly. 

As one of the solar energy advantages, this will eventually lead to better innovations and packages that will suit our energy needs better. 

Furthermore, it will eventually mean an increase in energy supply from advanced solar energy systems.

  • Energy is produced in a quiet and passive manner (not noisy).

Solar energy farms solar energy advantages and disadvantages of solar energy generation ArchidSilence is one major improvement made by the solar energy system. 

Imagine working, or being in the comfort of your home with the use of maximum power supply accompanied by total silence. 

Silence has a way of calming the brain and nerves. Keeping you relaxed and happy as well.

 Unlike other energy sources that are generated with very loud and extreme noise. 

This is why solar energy is now used for both residences and commercial premises.

  • Collective usage of solar energy reduces costs

A group of people can now use solar energy within a given geographical location. This will help address the issue of shaded areas and inadequate space. Solar panels for community group housing solar energy advantages and disadvantages passive solar energy advantages Archid

Shared solar energy platforms are known as community solar gardens. 

These community solar gardens can benefit a community without the solar energy panels being installed on their rooftops. 

As a solar energy advantage, this will also reduce the cost of installation.

  • Produces clean energy

How can we survive in the years to come if we continue to breathe in bad air produced by fossil energy sources? 

Statistics have it that over 6.4 million people die yearly across the globe because of air pollution. Air pollution coal power generation advantages and disadvantages of solar energy Archid

These harmful gases produced by fossil fuels are also harmful to animals, crops, trees, and vegetation. 

Therefore, it’s clear that electricity issues are best resolved with clean energy sources.

A good solar energy advantage is that it produces clean electrical energy that is not harmful to our health.  

With solar energy, we can live a sustainable life and a cleaner environment for all future generations. 

  • Solar energy has a long life warranty

Durability is one factor that makes a product stand out. 

The good news is solar energy panels are tested and designed to withstand major storms of 140 miles per hour. 

Solar energy cells are protected under shatter proof tempered glass. Creating job opportunities through solar energy advantages and disadvantages Archid

There’s no need to fear, as most manufacturing companies provide a 25-year warranty for their solar panels. 

Also, manufacturing companies provide a detailed guideline on the maintenance of these solar panels.

  • The solar energy industry creates jobs

Another advantage is that the production of solar energy panels by manufacturing companies provides job opportunities. sales and marketing of solar energy systems advantages and disadvantages of solar energy Archid

It has proven to be a good source of employment in areas such as sales and installation, research and production. 

Not only does it create job opportunities, but it is also an avenue for indefinite economic growth.

  • It is quite simple to install

With the availability of either horizontal or vertical panels, installation is straight forward.Solar energy panel installation advantages of solar energy Archid 

It is quite easy and less complicated to install a solar energy panel.  Although, most manufacturing companies also offer installation services. 

It is best if the manufacturing companies are contracted to do the installation of solar energy systems.

  • Increases home value.

The worth of any home consists of the quality of items in the home. 

Investing in solar energy has the advantage of adding value to your home. 

Most especially if such a home is for sale, it will give your home a touch of class and make potential buyers long for it.

Although solar energy is one good and readily available power supply, it also has some disadvantages that we will now discuss.

Disadvantages of solar energy

  • Power supply is heavily dependent on climate condition

Solar systems are mostly functional in sunlight. 

Although solar power can still function in cloudy weather conditions, its effectiveness becomes very slow. 

This means there could be a risk of going out of power in prolonged rainy or cloudy weather. 

Also on the disadvantages, solar energy cannot function when it’s dark. 

However, if you want a functional water heating solution at night and when it’s rainy, then we recommend thermodynamic solar power.

  • High initial costs

Buying a solar energy system is cost intensive. 

This entails paying for solar panels, batteries, inverter, wiring, and installation as well. All of this is what makes it expensive. 

But subsequently, with the new solar technologies on the ground, we believe that the price will reduce over time.

Though, there is a systematic plan by the US government for the choice of a renewable energy source, called the feed-in tariff. 

  • Installing solar energy panels requires large space.

A solar energy plant requires enormous space.  

The quantity of sunlight available in a given area will determine the number of panels you need to install. 

Some rooftops may not accommodate the required number of panels for your home. 

  • This may reduce the quantity or determine the amount of electricity you can use in your home. 

In such cases it is advisable to store some in your yard if they will have access to sunlight.

  • Presence of greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases are air pollution associated with solar energy. 

During the process of installation, this harmful gas could be emitted. 

There are equally some hazardous components that come out during the manufacturing process of solar photovoltaic. 

However, pollution from solar energy is less in comparison to other sources of energy.

  • Expensive to move

If you have plans to move from one area to another after a short stay, then it is not advisable to install solar energy as yet. 

This is because it is quite expensive to move from one location to another. 

This is a disadvantage that should be noted. 

However, solar panels add value to homes, and in time the money invested in it will pay off.


The primary needs of man are food, shelter and clothes. However, these primary needs of ours have a strong connection with the need to have a good electricity supply. 

As such, it is almost impossible to meet these primary needs effectively without the use of a good power supply.  And the solar energy advantages and disadvantages have also illustrated this.

Added to that is the fact that all old power supplies are based on unsustainable sources of energy like coal, gas and oil.

Subsequently, the advent of solar energy is a sure way to meet our power supply needs and live a happier and healthier life. 

So when you think of an efficient power supply, think solar energy.  Better yet, keep in mind the above solar energy advantages and disadvantages.

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