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Security, safety, home security, alarms, security camerasNormally, when architects complete house designs, an imperative but optional feature is usually missed: security.

People desire beautiful architecture and this is a demand professionals cater to. Sometimes beauty does not care for potential intruders and in the rush of completion, minor details are not adhered to. This is not attractive, especially for those young families.

So what can be done to incorporate security into house plans? Surprisingly, there are more options available than the usual, but reliable, security systems.

  • Strong locks and doors

Doors can become easy to kick in if they are not secured properly. That being said, a heavy set door, such as a solid core hardwood or one covered with metal, and an incredibly sturdy deadbolt can be a good first layer of defence.

Having a door with a peephole adds extra security, ensuring you are aware who is coming to the door beforehand. Also, ensure that the door fits snugly into the door jam and that locks are changed after a move or regularly throughout the home.

  • Motion Sensors

A fact most people do not realize is that thieves are not risky enough to target a well-lit home. Placing motion sensors around the house may take a while to adjust to during the night but in the long run, it discourages people from hiding around the yard, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

There are many choices of motion sensors available so research will be necessary to find the best fit.

  • CCTV Cameras

These are made in a convenient size so they can be placed around the perimeters of the home. If someone comes to your door, then the cameras allow you to see who is at the door before answering it. This allows for the option of opening the door or not for a stranger.

And if there is an individual at home you’re unsure of, such as a baby sitter or maintenance worker, so having cameras inside can be incredibly beneficial.

  • Safe

There are always sensitive documents one needs, whether it is passports, SIN numbers, etc. The question becomes, where is the best place to put these documents? Some put in the in the bedroom and but the most secure place is in a safe.

It is important to have a strong safe as it can possibly affect house insurance and one which also has the potential to withstand a fire. Should such a disaster occur, the last thought on your mind will be not be material objects!

  • Alarm Systems

Even though it is not the only option to home security, it is one of the best. There are numerous companies that provide top-notch protection and some companies have more features in a monthly-paid package than other companies.

It will take a lot of inquiries to understand what is best for the house. If you opt for this feature, ensure that all entries of the house are covered under the plan.

  • Vacations

Yet another aspect of life that people tend to forget about – when vacations are taken, people forget about the maintenance of the home. Stop all home deliveries so build-up of newspapers and the like does not occur. It is a sure way to tell that people are not at home, allowing thieves an easier haul.

Invest in timers so that lights go on and off at particular moments and ask neighbours for favours such as parking in the driveway once in a while or checking the inside of the house to make sure all is well.

There are a number of security features available for the home and the already mentioned are only a few to incorporate. The minor details make the difference in proper security and carelessness.

For example, ensuring a window is more than 40 inches away from the door takes an opportunity away from an intruder – he or she cannot break the glass and reach for the lock to allow them inside.

Another option that is becoming much more popular is having stops or screws on the patio doors or windows. This prevents them opening more than the desired amount and limiting the change of successful intrusion.

Believe it or not, security is much more important in today’s time considering it has a correlation with the country’s economy – if a country’s in recession, the chances of robbery increases. Do not risk being a target and invest in proper safety measures because your family deserves nothing less.


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