Sectional Title Schemes – Pros & Cons

archid architects, house plans, Tuscan home design, architecture design, design style, house plans south africa, modern architecture, rental property guide, apartments to rent, sectional titleSectional title means that you are own a unit in a common property, whether its an apartment, partially detached house, mini sub-type home or a flat. So, you are sole a owner of your living unit but you also have the right to use certain common parts of property that are co-owned by all the sectional title owners in this community, such as yard, pool, washing room etc.

Pros of sectional title scheme

Sectional title has its advantages. For one, you will own your home for (probably) lower price then if you have chosen to buy a house with own land. There is also an element of community, living within a group where people usually tend to become closer because they share certain parts of property together which definitely brings them together. There is also a fact that you will definitely pay lower fees for maintenance, security, cleaning of common property-but private owners have to do all this work themselves (or pay someone to do it for them) and still have to pay for communal expenses such as pavement maintenance and cleaning. It is usually much easier to rent such apartment or mini house.

 Cons of sectional title scheme

There are also few downsides to sectional title scheme. For one, you don't have complete control of your property-there are these common parts that can be used (and are owned) by other sectional title owners. Management of property has the right to decide about building/property management and you as an individual owner can't decide otherwise-but have to comply, even when you don't agree with such decision. These decisions can determine pet rules, playing area and usage of communal area.

These rules can change and even if you or some other owner don't agree with the rules and how they were changed, you still have to comply with them. Also, you can't decide to change your home in larger amount, to do some construction works, before you get an approval from the management. You and other owners of sectional title parts of property are responsible to cover any and every debt of the community, which means that if one of the owners doesn't cover his communal expenses, others will be liable to cover for him.

In general, it can be said that sectional title scheme has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a good start for young couple who want to start life in their property. Of course, one should be aware of all the restrictions and limitations that apply to sectional scheme property before choosing to get involved in such property ownership. Also, before buying such property make sure to do your research of the property, the rules and the surroundings.