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Pebble Rock Estate – 5 Bedroom House Design

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Project LocationPebble Rock Golf & Bushveld Estate, Pretoria - South Africa

A Charming 5 Bedroom House Plan

This 5 bedroom house plan is precisely the kind of home that makes you think of classic French provincial homes with a Tuscan twist. 

This modern 5 bedroom house plan provides the owner with the experience of living in a modern Tuscan inspired villa.  

The design does all of this while maintaining a substantial degree of character.

Modern Tuscan Design with Rear Facing Entertainment Area

This magnificent modern Tuscan home is centrally located in the Pebble Rock Golf Estate, Pretoria.  

It comes with 5 spacious bedrooms and all the amenities you’d expect in a modern 5 bedroom house plan design in high end golf estate.

Among many of the luxurious features in this 5 bedroom house plan, is a centrally located patio.  

This patio has access to and from the lounge and living areas. 

Allowing for the perfect area for relaxation, entertainment, and is filled with natural light. 

This 5 bedroom house plan was designed to the highest standards found in this kind of estate. 

The homeowners wanted no expense spared in bringing luxury and light to make this home as comfortable as possible

A Delightful Double Storey 5 Bedroom House Plan

Ever have to park your car on the road or driveway and become annoyed when filth, dirt, and grim encompass your darling vehicle?

Well, this modern Tuscan home design has two matching double garages. 

These spacious garages have enough room to park four large vehicles.

A 5 bedroom Floor Plan Design with a Central Staircase

After entering through the majestic west entry a magnificent staircase welcomes you. 

The staircase is centrally located within the ground floor and is as much of a functional masterpiece as it is a piece of art. 

This splendid staircase is almost immediately located within arm’s reach of two bedroom wings on the first floor.

The staircase provides easy access to the bedrooms on the upper floor.

The 5 Bedroom Home Design with a Central Atrium

Just behind this splendid staircase is a hidden gem that few 5 bedroom house plans of this size can offer. 

The designers couldn’t help it but to add a beautiful atrium directly behind the staircase.

This atrium, with no cover, bring natural sunlight straight into the heart of this 5 bedroom house plan.

The overwhelming theme of this house is all about easy entertainment. 

The way the living rooms are integrated with a patio and the outdoors brings a fun modern way of living.

With all that said the bedrooms in this 5 bedroom house plan remain private and secluded.