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Exquisite Contemporary

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Project LocationGreenside, Johannesburg - South Africa

Modern 4 Bedroom Contemporary House Design, Bold Street Appeal

When you want to build a new 4-bedroom modern house plan from scratch, the number one thing that’ll determine whether or not the home will be groundbreaking is the house plan. There are many modern contemporary house plans and homes in existence today.

However, this exquisite house design plan which is one of our flat roof house designs is extremely unique.

Is it the elegant styling of the structure that we should talk about or the brilliant array of spaces in the home’s interior? Take one look at it, and you can already tell how wonderful home it can be.

A Modern Four Bedroom House Design that impresses

In case you haven’t noticed, this dazzling plan is a modern contemporary home to the core. Have you noticed how the entire exterior form and look simply creates a picturesque appeal against the backdrop of lush trees and colorful flowers?

The most amazing thing, however, is how our designers were able to create such an eye-catching outlook and still find the right colors to reveal it as a minimalistic modern contemporary family abode.

Just like the whitish hue, the earth-toned minimalistic color brings forth a sense of warmth, nature and reliability.

And with those colors, it’s quite clear that this is one heck of a chic four-bedroom modern house plan. Even the red of the garage doors pops out and complements the whole look. Add all these to those magnificent, see-through, windows and doors, and everything becomes wow!

Beautiful Modern House Plans South Africa For Modern Living

Because we live in a modern world, modern architecture has managed to draw a great deal of following, one of the reasons our designers like to showcase house designs of this style. People want to experience the joy and luxury that comes with living in an open, clean and flawless space.

And one very interesting thing about contemporary modern architecture is that it just succeeds in packing so many features into a single structure. As such, these homes offer something to everyone, irrespective of their taste.

Our modern contemporary house design is just like that; a functional space expressed through simplicity, obvious views of structural components and hints of contemporary detailing that make it impossible for anyone to say no.

4-bedroom modern house plan Laced with Fascinating Allure

Our team recognize the importance of appeal in a modern house plan design South Africa. After all, in modern designs, form follows function. But despite all its design details, aesthetics is not the only motivation for this flat roof house plan. 

The exterior alone does a good job of revealing that the house plan design promise durability and will be a sturdy build. However, this is resonated more loudly once you step into the home.

Being a double volume space, the entry hall that you’ll see just after the entrance patio is the definition of grand. This space also introduces you to an elegant array of stairs. The lounge that is just by the left makes the perfect waiting space for guests.

However, the right-hand side contains the fetching living space. As obvious in the design, the three areas comprising the living space have no demarcation at all. Open house plan living is a prerequisite among new home builders and buyers nowadays, which is why our experts make it a point to add it to many of our designs.

Comfortable Contemporary House Design and Family Abode

4-bedroom house plans are quite popular among families. This is not only because it can accommodate quite a few people, but also because it’ll likely remain useable after the family has grown.

However, what stands this modern house design out is the fact that the 4 room house plan comes with amazing interior features that promises to be a huge selling point both now and in the future.

Think of how spacious the spaces are, the outdoor relaxation spaces, the function-driven flow and layout of rooms, high-end amenities, and extra spaces like the garage, family den, scullery and balconies.

All these can easily entice prospective buyers and make them buy. Three bedrooms have been placed upstairs while one is positioned downstairs. With the family den conveniently placed at the center of the second floor, the family can have their ‘family time’ without intrusion from the guests in the bedroom below. Everything about this double story house plan is just right.