Thornfield Estate

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Architecture Design - Glamour and Grandeur

Looking for a home that fills your artistic appreciation and serves as an excellent functional space? This home expertly exemplifies exquisite architecture and design in a magnificently presentable package. Situated within a rectangular plot and along ample street frontage, this home provides the owner with ample space both inside and out. The architecture and design of this luxury home is a witness to the highly talented team at Archid Architecture, placing all of their effort into a work of art.

This home perfectly blends contemporary features with iconic modern Tuscan features and provides a sense of style and modernization to the owner. This spacious home is equipped with 4 bedrooms all designed with ultra-modern design and are perfect for comfort and privacy. Aspects of this home provide the perfect blend of imposing stature and drama in various shapes and heights. This home is as much a piece of art as it is a functional home ready to serve any and all expectations from any owner. The architecture and design of this home is certainly one of a kind and is a shining gem in the architectural world.

Architecture and Design Beauty

The architecture and design of this home amplifies grand aspects of amenities usually witnessed in the most luxurious of homes. A perfect example of how well designed this home is, is the grand artfully crafted spiralling staircase. Equipped with an expansive curtain glass system this piece of art serves as the perfect centrepiece to a luxury home. Many homes fail to have any type of sanctuaries for the owner; this home comes equipped with balconies that almost surround the home, providing the perfect getaway for those quite moments after long days that are both well-deserved and required.

To top it all off, the master suite is equipped with its own private secluded balcony. The architecture and design of this home is perfect for the owner who craves an ultra-modern feel while maintaining a sense of comfort and privacy. Truly this home is a rarity and splendour for any owner to acquire and will continue to awe throughout its usage.

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