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Modern French Provincial House Design meets Old World Charm

This modern 4 Bedroom French provincial house design enjoys a good balance of exterior aesthetics and functionality.

The house is carefully placed on a lot that allows it to have many indoor and outdoor activities.

In the design of this house, our team was expertly able to create an atmosphere of luxury with an interior full of traditional charm.

Classic French Provincial House Design with a Modern Exterior

It combines themes of modern house plan architecture with old world charm.

The French provincial style of architecture is bright and charming.

The homeowner of this luxury French provincial house is immediately greeted by a bold porch with ornate columns.

Alongside is a spacious two car garage with enough room for vehicles and a storage space.

The living areas are located on the northern side of the interior layout..

Modern French Provincial Style Home with a Classic Interior Layout

Upon walking towards the entrance-way of this modern French provincial home, the owner witnesses an ornate porch.

The porch allows the entire front perspective to open up.

The lot is big enough to allow this modern 4 bedroom French provincial home to remain a single story.  This in turn improves energy efficiency of this modern residence.

The backyard is spacious enough and allow for a large outdoor entertainment area.

Complimenting the landscape is a large pool shaped in the number eight.

In fact, the pool features a well designed bridge over it.

The little bridge provides direct access from this modern house plan to the landscaped entertainment areas.

Themes of the French provincial style is spread throughout this home.  It gives way to the sensation of a high level of ornate architecture design.

French Provincial Architecture Design for Comfort

This home design is perfectly organized with each room serving as separate compartments and each with its own specific purpose.

The homeowner is provided spacious bedrooms that just exemplify comfort.

This double story French provincial house offers comfort and functional living space for all its occupants.

There is also a separate staffing quarters that is separated from the main home but in close enough proximity.

An Interior Floor Plan that Improves Privacy

The interior layout keeps the bedrooms away from the living areas.

This 4 bedroom modern French provincial house design is perfectly suited for entertaining guests.

Archid architects perfectly created a modern 4 bedroom home that perfectly combines ornate European architecture with comfort.

Everything is perfectly organized to ensure that every interior space of this modern French provincial house design is flawlessly matches the exterior style.