Modern Farmhouse Design – Glenferness

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Modern Farmhouse Plan with 4 Bedrooms 

This modern farmhouse plan provides a seamless blend between modern residential architecture and traditional country living. 

The quietness and beauty of the country setting is combined with the modern feel of this spacious home.

The exterior of this modern farmhouse talks to current trends in contemporary architecture.

The walls are painted with contrasting colors to expose the staggered wall formations of this beautiful farmhouse.

The beautiful  interior flows well with a country style layout. 

Modern Farmhouse Exterior in the Countryside

Settled in the country, this modern farmhouse design perfectly includes all the details usually assigned to a modern contemporary home design.. 

The exterior aesthetics maintains a sense of wonder, excitement, and natural beauty.

Nestled along the sprawling countryside this modern farmhouse allows the owner to be welcomed with horse trails and spacious beauty.

With no shortage of tranquil spaces, this modern farmhouse has a calming river that runs alongside.

This provides the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon along the river, perhaps with a private picnic. 

If this wasn’t enough of a perfect setting, you can always view the calming river waters from your pool deck.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Opening to an Infinity Pool 

Featured in this house design is a modern farmhouse living room that opens out onto a pool deck.

The sparkling deck pool creates the perfect entertainment for the family.

Never has a modern farmhouse plan design been so carefully designed to blend with its immediate environment.

The manicured garden is well landscaped to compliment the exterior elevations.

This modern farmhouse is truly a gem hidden among the natural beauty.

A Beautiful Modern Farmhouse plan design with a Unique Floor Plan

Luxury is surrounded throughout this sprawling modern farmhouse plan design. 

This luxury modern farmhouse design is equipped with 4 bedrooms. 

In addition, there is a self-contained bedroom and loft on the upper floor of this modern home meant for the eldest son of the family.

To help bring the beautiful environment from the outside in, the living areas were carefully designed with flowing glass panels.

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Modern Farmhouse Plan Decorating with Glass All-Round

The rocky slope landscape outside this modern farmhouse plan was carefully considered during the building and design stage. It is incorporated within the home with stone cladding. 

This modern farmhouse plan by Archid Architecture brings the natural surrounding inside. 

Certainly a one of a kind modern farmhouse plan filled with natural and modern tastes.