Meyersdal Nature Estate

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Excellence on an Impressive Scale

This luxury house design resembles more of a sea-side holiday home than anything else. This majestic home has more bedrooms than a mid-sized family could ever ask for. Equipped with 6 spacious retreats, this luxury house design provides the space, comfort, and privacy any resident could hope to find. Carefully designed with 3 separate floor levels, this modern style house design provides excellent functionality with the perfect amount of comfort. In addition, this luxury house design comes with amazing amenities.

A sparkling gem in this treasure chest of a house design, the beautifully detailed and expertly technically advanced cinema is perfect for entertaining yourself or any guests. Watch quality movies or TV shows with the same quality that is found in theatres. A well-crafted bar is the perfect setting for a welcome home party. Feel free to invite your guests over with amenities that will leave them in awe. Feeling productive, station yourself in your own private expertly designed gym. Above else, this luxury house design is well situated in the perfect mountain side part of Meyersdal. The views alone will leave you with a sense of awe and serenity all at once. If you search for the perfect relaxing setting but want amazing entertaining amenities, look no further than this luxury house design .

Delightful Luxury house design

The six spacious bedrooms provide all the necessary options for a small family while providing the perfect amount of space for the larger ones. Have extended family members, this luxury house design comes equipment with more bedrooms than you will know what to do with. The basement level comes with the perfectly located guest room that provides the perfect retreat for the invited while maintaining the residences’ comfort and privacy.

The main floor comes equipped with a 4 car garage, chef level kitchen, and covered balcony, among many other beautifully displayed amenities. This luxury house design’s upper floor is perfectly designed with the 5 remaining bedrooms, each one exceeding the expectations of any and all owners. The master suite is perfectly located to ensure complete privacy and comfort. If this wasn’t enough, all bedrooms are designed with amazing en-suites. This luxury home is the perfect blend of luxury, space, and comfort with the added bonus of amazing views. Truly an amazing luxury home, with everything a potential homeowner could ask for.

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