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Stature on a Grand Scale

Our architects spared no expense on this majestic home. The architects perfectly designed a home that encompassed great attention to detail. Designed in the classically sophisticated royal French provincial style, this home provides its owners with only the highest levels of stature. Archid architects were inclined to utilize this fantastic style throughout the home as fantastic details are seen throughout, continually giving you the sense of a home that was built long ago in the centre of Paris, yet with a modern twist.

As you approach this luxury home you are immediately presented with a grand port-cochere furnished with dual sets of majestic concrete columns. This home is the perfect blend of classical architecture and functionality any owner could ask for. The functional ground floor provides the residence with privacy and comfort in all reception rooms. This home was perfectly designed by Archid architects to exhibit presidential glamour with the spacious comfort afforded only the most luxurious contemporary properties. From the outside this home demonstrates exquisite taste, charm, and grandeur.

Attention to Details by Archid Architects

The architects wanted to include only the highest quality detail in luxury inclined trends. As you are warmly welcomed through the impressive and exquisite grand hall you are immediately visited with a sense of calm serenity as you view the gentle waters of the swimming pool in located in the rear of the home. Details are a surrounding theme within this well designed home. Nothing more exemplifies this notion of perfection as the glass curtains equipped with masterfully crafted French doors.

One of the grand aspects of this home is the fantastic focus exhibited by the architects on the royal master suite. Equipped with fantastic detail and comfort, this spacious master suite comes with a luxurious en-suit and matching his and hers walk-in-closets. With spacious room and perfectly designed efficient shelving space, partners will never have to argue with closet space again. Whether in the swimming pool or in the massive master en-suite tub, quite relaxation is only steps away. The architects held one thing in mind when they designed this stately home; exquisite details and design are the highest priority.

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