Cedar Creek Estate

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A Beautiful 5 Bedroom House Design

Want exquisite architectural design on a massive scale? Look no further than this double storey 5 bedroom Tuscan-inspired architectural design . Located in an exclusive residential complex in northern Johannesburg, this 5 bedroom house design luxury home will fit most owner’s expectations.

Filled with luxurious amenities, this Tuscan inspired home was perfectly designed and exemplifies the highest level of expertise in architecture. This 700m South African home design is purposely designed for this triangular site with tapering street frontage that provides the perfect amount of curb appeal while providing extensive outdoor space.

Delightful Architectural Design

As you walk into this fantastic example of modern Tuscan architectural design , you will immediately be greeted by a central atrium that is simply out of this world. A central atrium is simply fit for royalty and welcomes you with an exquisite waters feature. Located next to the patio and swimming pool, the central atrium blends perfectly with other amenities, continually spreading the water theme throughout.

With the patio, swimming pool, and atrium you cannot help but immediately be serenated by gentle soothing sounds of water and embraced by a sense of calmness and serenity. This modern Tuscan mansion of a home has all it takes to be on the front cover of every magazine devoted to contemporary architecture out there.

A Contemporary House Design Full of Amenities

As mentioned this excellent example of modern Tuscan architectural design comes equipped with a swimming pool that serves every possible relaxing moment. If exercising in the pool isn’t an option or desire for you, you can always utilize the updated gym. The gym is directly in front of the swimming pool and features a shower as well.

Primarily meant for top luxury, this 5 bedroom home design comes well-appointed with a bar. This bar is perfect for entertaining guests and perfect for any occasion and celebration, perhaps as a luxury centerpiece to a perfectly planned welcome home party? If all of these amenities weren’t enough for you, this home offers a highly technological advanced cinema with detailed comfort throughout. This modern 5 bedroom home is a perfect gem in the league of architecture design, and has been designed to provide a perfect homeowner.

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