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Modern 4 Bedroom House Plans

This stunning 4 bedroom house plan design is engulfed with natural light throughout the entire home. The owner wouldn’t be able to resist the warmth of the natural sunlight spreading throughout this home. Archid thoroughly designed a beautiful home with a compact layout.

Modern Contemporary Entry Porch

This modern home exemplifies exactly what an owner can expect from a modern contemporary inspired home. Truly an expertly conceptualized piece of real estate that is aesthetically pleasing with proportional facades and cantilevered beam and slab features throughout. Artful and symmetrical, with clean lines encompassing the entire residence, which the owner has fallen in love with.

Front Facing Patio

Experience the open floor plan that allows for fantastic entertaining and perfect lightening. This 4 bedroom home design was created with the common theme being spreading natural sunlight throughout while maintaining a sense of privacy for the owner. Every window is artfully designed and nestled into the residence. With a north facing entrance way, light is spread throughout the home almost the entire day. This is certainly another rare piece of real estate beauty by Archid.

Innovative Living

This luxury home is equipped with spectacular features, one of which is the corner windows and glass curtain walls. This feature ensures that natural sunlight can enter when you want it. Centrally located within this home is a beautifully ornate atrium, equipped with convenient planters ready for only the most gorgeous flora.

A Master Bedroom Fit For A King

The ground floor includes a double garage, spacious kitchen, a scullery, lounge, stunning dining, glamorous entry hall, and living room. On the first floor of this home there are 4 bedrooms. However, the jewel of the first floor is the master suite, which is equipped with a secluded luxury en-suite meant to suit the owner’s lifestyle. If the inside didn’t shine enough, the master suite comes with its own private balcony equipped with only the most spectacular views.

You can perfectly entertain yourself and be stress free without ever leaving your own master suite. Such features are sometimes considered art. Clearly this home is meant for the owner who deserves every luxury amenity that it has to offers.

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