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Whether owning a beautiful urban or country side home, a neglected landscape area or yard can ruin the overall impression. The aim of the outside landscape is to complement the house designs and perhaps add to your overall investment.

landscape, garden tips, house plans, architect's tips, archid architectureFor those who have never spent much time on landscaping, be aware that it takes a lot of time and patience, as do most good things. Following a carefully thought out landscape  plan, will result in long term satisfaction.

Visit a landscape architect

The first step is to speak with a professional, either landscape architects or other individuals in the field. The majority of the time they will charge a consultation fee but the service itself does not have to be bought.

Have a landscape plan

Similar to having house plans before construction begins, it is recommended to have a sketch or plan of what you desire. This way, the hour can be taken advantage of, instead of spending it brainstorming ideas for looks. A sketch can include a patio, garden, tool shed, etc. Doing this prior ensures money is not wasted during consultation.

Have a budget

For those of you who are in a tight financial position, it is important to note that it may take a considerably longer time to finish landscaping due to costs of material and furniture. If this is your situation, it is best to complete the project in steps or phases. Online stores or local stores will have sales all year so do some research to what is right for your home.

landscape, garden tips, house plans, architect's tips, archid architectureTo further that point, the most expensive landscape items are not always the best and vice versa. Naturally, the ideal product is one which lasts for years. Some home improvement warehouses may offer the best deal on a particular item but it could also sacrifice selection.

Plan a budget which allows for spending at specialized landscape outlets. Many of these places have exactly what is needed and more. Consider the climate when purchasing items as the durability can be affected.

Choose the right plants

If you would like to lean towards incorporating a better garden into the yard, choose plants that will work well together. Sometimes, a plant which looks beautiful can smell terrible or when putting together a variety of great scented plants may smell wonderful individually, they could be terrible when placed together.

Aside from scents, the longevity should be considered as well as ridding invasive weeds. Ensure the right equipment is available for planting as the wrong ones could cause a problem in physical health. Now, shaping the gardening areas can be tricky and should be done with great care. The grass should also be shaped at the border and a barricade of some kind should be between it and the soil where plants are expected to grow. This is an aspect of gardening to talk over with a professional as they would have the most expertise on the best techniques.

The urban space

Most of these tips are for homes which have a considerable yard but what of apartments? What options are available for someone with a green thumb?

landscape, garden tips, house plans, architect's tips, archid architectureFor urban dwellers, having a vertical garden is much more feasible. If it is possible, create a privacy wall with beams on different levels that will hold a number of small, potted plants. Experiment with various sizes and find the right mix so the plants do not overpower the garden. It becomes too hectic otherwise.

For those who are not lucky enough to have outdoor space, having a window box is just as good. As long as it is maintained properly and the weather is good, summer or spring crops, such as strawberries, can be grown.

Space can be saved by grouping single pot plants of various heights – it adds a chic impression. If there is a patio, then hook plants onto railings to complement the furniture. The key is not to place too many plants in one place otherwise it will be too cluttered and attracts bad attention.

A fun aspect to landscape in a smaller area is that by using a metal or clay pot for plants, it can be painted. If you have children, this can be a fun family activity.

It’s all worth it!

To landscape a yard or a small urban space can be incredibly hard due to the various factors involved but at the end, is worth the effort. It is a great conversation topic that can take hours on end with neighbours or people who love nature.

The most important aspect in landscape is not so much money as it is time – ensure to plan well ahead of time.






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