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Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities – A Guide

kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanitiesKitchen cabinets

Cabinets are just as important as the counter tops. The cabinets are a compliment to the counter tops and vice versa. In most cases, the house plans would give an idea into the layout and position your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities.  It is therefore up to you to select the style that would suit your taste best. If your home designs are mostly modern then you might enjoy a bright and seamless touch and perhaps if you prefer a more subtle look then maybe an antique like touch would be good for you. Either way, we are here to help guide you through different kitchen cabinet styles and bathroom vanity options to choose from.

Bathroom Vanity Door Styles

There are different cabinet doors. Which one you like the best, shaker, inset or flat? Cabinet door style is important for your kitchen in general. For one, it will probably be the highest kitchen expense and will actually determine your kitchen design. Let’s discuss popular cabinet doors you can consider when creating your new kitchen.

  • Shaker cabinet doors

Shaker cabinet, kitchen cabinets, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanity, vanities
Shaker Cabinet – White

The Shaker cabinet door is the most used style in our kitchens these days. This flat paneled style comes with a frame made of 4 individual pieces and one flat center panel for the 5th piece. Shaker-style kitchen cabinets have simple, minimalistic lines and focus on practical side. This style comes very handy because it can be used in any particular décor you want in your kitchen: ranging from traditional to modern, with any possible patterns and hardware you want.
Depending on wood and hardware you use, it can be durable as well as cost-effective.

  • Flat cabinet doors.

flat cabinet door, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities
Flat Cabinet Door

Flat cabinetry is simplistic but also fashionable. It is free of any unnecessary details, and complements modern and contemporary kitchen décor. You can choose from wood or laminate; if you have to take into consideration budget, than go for laminate as it is less expensive and also comes in more color choices.

  • Inset cabinet doors

insert cabinet door, kitchen cabinetInset is least budget friendly among mentioned, but it has the durability and style that can last for decades. It is named after how it’s constructed: doors are positioned in cabinet frame, unlike in other cabinet door styles. Because of this construction, inset doors have to be designed meticulously precise.

Once you have decided on a particular cabinetry style, it is time to choose the material. These days, kitchen cabinets are not made solely of wood. You have a wide range of materials to choose from besides the wood. Here are some options to take into consideration.

  • Glass-front cabinets without frame

Glass insert kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanitiesKitchen cabinets with glass front made in a traditional way usually come with glass front panel surrounded with a wood frame. Today, you can choose glass cabinets without frame that have just one glass panel for the entire cabinet front side. This contemporary style creates very sleek and minimalist presentation with solely decorative hinges and no hardware. These cabinets are also well suited for bathroom vanities.

  • Picture window cabinets

Picture window kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanitiesIn the case where you room has more windows than walls for all the cabinets you need (or want), you can simply go ahead and put cabinets on your windows. These kitchen cabinets will not have back side, and sunlight will go undisturbed into spaces, and you will have all your cookware, glassware and everything else right on the spot.

  • Decorative glass cabinets

Glass fronts are manufactured in numerous patterns and finishes.  You can choose between frosted glass, stained glass, etched glass, colored glass, etc… different finishes can make a huge difference when it comes to your décor.

  • Tall kitchen cabinets

Every room needs tall cabinets for items that are tall, such as brooms, cleaning supplies, certain food packages. Tall kitchen cabinets can be both functional and decorative, if you opt for glass front and put decorative cutlery and dishes in the front.

  • Different Opening Style doors

Kitchen doors are these days manufactures in different styles, not just in classic swinging design. There are doors you open up, pocket doors as well as handy corner drawer-doors that will enable you to put corners in a good use too. Besides, who says you have to close all the kitchen cabinets? Shelves and open kitchen cabinets can create amazing décor in your room, and both in a traditional and modern one.

  • Hardware Styles

Finally, when you choose bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinet door, there is a finishing touch: choice of cabinet hardware. Choice of cabinet knobs and pulls can be an element that will make a big difference in the end-it is like an “icing on the cake”. Hardware can be made of metal, wood or plastic. It can be shaped in different styles, so to perfectly match your cabinetry and create a perfect finishing touch.

  • Kitchen cabinet colors

Kitchen cabinet with colour, bathroom vanitiesKitchen cabinets are becoming more and colorful. It is not just that these days you can have kitchen cabinets in every possible color in palette, but it is also becoming very popular and stylish to mix and match different colors in your room. Combining two or more colors in your room and on your kitchen cabinet surfaces can create very lively, energetic, and playful effect in your room. Choose colors depending on your kitchen décor. With different color combinations you can create very modern or very contemporary kitchen style.

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