How To Use Solar Energy In Your Home?

Being partially or completely independent from regular energy sources (electricity) is something everyone would love, but not everyone knows that this is completely possible these days. Magical worn in this is: solar energy. Using solar energy and light has reached the level where entire home can function without any additional energy source. Modern solar panels and entire solar energy systems are designed in such a way to generate sufficient amount of electricity, heat water and power heating system. There are three types of solar energy homes:

fenestration energy efficiency and Using Solar Energy In The House,

Solar electric panels glisten in the morning sunlight at the Octillo experimental power generating station in Tempe AZ. 2007-06-16.

1) Passive solar energy homes

These homes use solar panels to heat water and partially produce electricity while the rest has to be acquired from regular electrical network. These homes don't accumulate energy and during night need to use electricity from local electrical network. Optimum solar energy home produces sufficient amount of energy to cover daily needs. Due to impossibility to accumulate energy, surplus of produced energy goes to waste or is being sold to energy distributor, thus decreasing power bills. These homes function on the system of automatic ventilation so there is always sufficient volume of fresh air in the home.

2) Null solar energy homes

These homes produce just the right amount of electricity for its daily needs, without using energy from local electrical distributor. Water heating system also functions on a daily basis-but not the heating system. Heating uses either large generator or local electrical distributor to accumulate surplus of produced energy to be used later. On a long term basis, it is a good idea to get your own generator right away. You will need good insulation for this home.

3) Plus solar energy homes

This system is called "plus" because it produces energy surplus over home needs for electricity, hot water and heating. This system can heat up huge volume of water to be stored in large tank under home or next to it. Source of electricity is necessary for night supply of energy. This system can even bring profit because you will have electricity to sell, over what your home needs.

Many users will ask how does system function during the winter, when temperatures are low. Well, new solar energy systems don't work on sun heat but on sun light, so productivity of entire system doesn't decline during winter. It is just important that day is sunny instead of cloudy.