House Designs In South Africa

Architecture and specifically house designs in South Africa are influenced by a number of factors.  One of the main factors that has influenced architecture and house designs in South Africa is the general history of South Africa as a whole.  As such historical events such as colonialism and apartheid have had an influence in the general architecture and house designs in South Africa.

Historical Context of House Designs In South Africa

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Most house designs in South Africa can now be classified under four (4) main themes of architecture namely, traditional, Mediterranean (mostly Tuscan), modern and hybrid styles of architecture.  These styles of house designs in South Africa have undergone an extensive evolution over the years and have now carved a unique identity for the entire country.

House Designs and Modern Influences

This evolution in architecture styles has been driven mostly by commercial factors that are beyond reach of the mass sector of the population in the country.  Nonetheless, it is this evolution that has driven trends and lifestyles in almost all corners of South Africa. So it is not too hard to find Tuscan influenced structures in most villages across the width and breadth of South Africa. Most commercial developments in urban areas are also following a predefined style of architecture that is unmistakably contemporary to South Africa.

It is therefore under such background that house designs in South Africa have manifested.  In urban developments you will find residential developments that have prescribed a singular style of architecture to be maintain for all residential units within the said development. It is the successes of such developments that have prompted most potential homeowners to outline similar briefs to their architects when building their new homes.

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