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Home Entertainment & The Guide To home theater systems

home entertainment archid architects, house plans, archid architects, house plans, Tuscan home design, architecture design, design style, house plans south africa, modern architectureHome entertainment is an integral part of everyday living and when you can get it at home, and then you are able to get so much from your own space. Having a home theater experience is an amazing thing. Home entertainment has to do with TVs, home theaters sounds, videos, audio that is wireless and so much more.

TVs and projectors

There are different kinds of TVs that you can choose from today. The main consideration for the kind of TV that you want depends on the room lighting that you want to be watching it on. You can choose between:

  • OLED
  • Plasma
  • LCD
  • LED

For dimly lit and dark home entertainment rooms

OLED and plasma choices are the best to consider.

Bright home entertainment rooms

LCD and LED are the best considerations

Normal lighting

OLED or LED are the best for such conditions.

The LCD and LED TVs are much brighter in the home entertainment rooms that have lots of light whole the plasma TVs are subdued. In a darker home entertainment room, plasma TVs has rich colors and deep blacks.

The screen size

If you want an experience that is immersive, you should consider 50” or even more. You need to consider the impact that the size of the screen will give your home entertainment room. Larger screens may not take as much space as many people think because the bezel has been made much thinner over the years. There are many choices that you can make when it comes to the screens.


So as to get a great picture quality, you will need a much higher resolution. The best resolution today is given by the 2160p also known as 4k ultra HD TVs, ultra HD, UHD and 4k. These give such a higher resolution than the 1080p kinds of screens.


Projectors allow you to have that larger than life kind of cinematic, gaming and sporting experiences. The projectors allow you to get images that are many times the size flat screens and you won’t sacrifice the image quality. Make sure that the projector has adequate number of lumens. This will also depend on the lighting of the home entertainment room you are targeting.

Home Theater Audio

This has to do with surround sound. This is the alternative to having many speakers all over the home since single sound bar can be placed below the TV or can be mounted on the wall. Most of the sound bars come with a wireless or wired subwoofer that offers a bass sound that is rich. You can have this out of sight and still have an amazing sound.

Box home theatre

This is a system that allows you to access all that is needed to achieve true sound within one package. This comes with a number of speakers.

Own system

With the different components that you select, you can be able to come up with the kind of set up that you have always desired over a period of time.

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