Guide to wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is a very popular selection that many people make so as to get the most out of their home. When it is chosen well, the finishing is just perfect and you will enjoy great beauty within your home.

Working out how much wooden flooring you will need

When it comes to plank floor kind of coverings, one of the greatest things that you will notice is that the wastage is very minimal. In most cases, you will notice that each pack has got around 2sqm worth of coverage. It is important to measure the room you intend to floor using wooden flooring and then make sure you round off the meter that is nearest. You have to then make a comparison of this measurement to what the pack says. This will allow you to know just how many packs will be needed for that specific room.

Extra packs

One of the things you should always do is to add one extra pack so as to cope with any unseen wastage that you may face especially if you are doing it yourself. Some retailers may take back some of the unopened packs in case you purchase too many than you need.

Choosing the best

There are two choices:

  • Tongue and groove wooden flooring
  • Click lock wooden flooring

The above terms are used so as to describe how the individual planks are actually fixed together.

Tongue and groove wooden flooring

In this choice, you will have a tongue projecting from a side of the plank and then it has to fit in to another plank’s groove and they have to be adjacent to one another. The most important part is knocking them together as it can be rather complicated. Getting this wrong can actually mean that you may dislodge other planks that have already been joined. The whole process also involves lots of wedging and gluing until all the glue has been set. You also have to use enough glue because if it doesn’t stay together you may end up with gaps all over the planks.

Click lock wooden flooring

This kind of wooden flooring comes with edges which are shaped in a way that allows an action to fit them. Once you have them in place, moving them apart isn’t easy. The best thing about this kind of wooden flooring is the fact that it is much easier and much quicker to fit it. In this case, planks are usually cur using machines and this leads to joints that fit very tightly and as such, the chances of having to deal with any gaps is reduced.

Another great thing about this selection is that you can un-click the planks and then lift then of you wants to get under the wooden flooring. This can’t be done where a tongue and groove is concerned.


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