Guide to household and home contents insurance

Many insurance companies offer home insurance with various variants. Some offer complete protection for all risks that are present for the entire property, while others may be selective in the type of protection that they offer.

Thus, it is important to compare and choose the products that offer the protection you require.Here are some of the usual protection products that are offered:

HOME INSURANCE - Insurance Package

Superior insurance products are easy to understand and provide comprehensive protection from various risks.

Featured series HOME Insurance –the Insurance House Live Package provides flexibility that is not confusing. You just choose the level of protection which is in accordance with the homeowner’s needs.

HOME Insurance –the Insurance House Live Package includes protection for the following risks:

1) Fire, lightning, explosion, fallen aircraft and smoke

2) Strikes and riots

3) Robbery/theft

4) Temporary accommodation for rent

5) Cost of fire and debris cleanup

6) Earthquake, volcano, fireunderground, sea water overflow

7) Flood, hurricane, storm, water damage

Home Basic (Basic Protection)

Choose this guarantee for external maximum protection for your home. This package is designed to protect your valuable home from the majority of external risks with additional advantages, namely financial assistance to cover additional accommodation expenses and the cost of cleaning debris.

Home Plus (Protection Plus)

This warranty is an insurance solution designed to provide the highest level of protection for your home.

Home Plus also provides protection against:

1) Liability to third parties for the insured and all family members from possible third party lawsuit

2) Fatal accidents due to fire or theft

3) Various other additives such as compensation for maids or domestic workers; the overflow of a household water pipe; vehicle collision, animals, trees affected or radio equipment or parabola; the cost of architects, surveyors, and lawyers; etc.

When choosing the right home insurance, here are four tips for you:

  1. Make a comparison of coverage options as well as the associated costs and benefits of insurance products.


  1. In order to save time, try to do a comparison online. You can also directly file for home insurance or do a free consultation online.
  2. Get to knowif the home insurance products offer comprehensive For example, in the case of protection against fire, a fire can occur for many reasons, such as shorting, a bolt of lightning, the fall air, explosions, or because of riots. Make sure all of the possibilities are covered.
  3. Be sure to ask which sources of fires are covered by insurance. By making it clear from the start before signing any agreement, you will not hesitate to make a decision.
  4. You certainly want to avoid disasters, but in case one does occur, you would have to make a claim. The question is, is it hard to file the claim?
  5. Make a comparison of the claims procedures applicable for each insurance company.
  6. Look at the cost and insured v It usually will affectyour decision, because you're definitely counting how much should be paid and how much insurance will be obtained.

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