Guide to hiring an electrician


Whether you need diagnostics of an electrical malfunction or you need full installation of electricity around your home, you want to hire a professional that will do their job with quality work and for a previously agreed budget.

Professional certification

Additionally, electricians are professionals that need to have the appropriate certifications, so if you don't want to end up with malfunctioning electrical installations around your home, it is a good idea to first verify that you are talking with someone who knows what they are doing – and has a certificate to prove it. You can check online whether certificates are valid and what their actual professional value is. There are different professional bodies that issue certificates, so it is good to make sure that you are not taking anything for granted.

Availability around the clock and a timely response

A good electrician is always available, i.e., there is a team of electricians who are available around the clock, even during weekends and after working hours. This is very important because you sometimes just can't predict when some problem with electrical installations will happen and your entire home or office will go into darkness. Along with this comes timely response. Here we have in mind that we want the electrician to arrive on the site within the agreed time frame: you don't want to wait for hours if the customer service of the electrical company said that someone will arrive within 30 minutes up to hour!

Different areas of expertise

There are different areas of expertise when it comes to electricity. Professionals work on installations and repairs of electrical installations of strong and weak currents. Strong current refers to installing electrical installations, all types of lighting, electrical heating and automatic fuses. On the other side, weak current refers to installation of alarm systems, audio and video interphones, network installations and video surveillance. These are different procedures and areas of expertise, and although it is possible that one electrician will know how to install and repair both of these types of work, it is good to first verify it.

Sticking to the budget

If electrical installations in your home or in your office breakdown at a bad moment, you will need a professional electrician to quickly and efficiently solve the problem, with as little stress and fuss for you. Now, this might call for higher expenses. Of course, one will expect this, but not for unexpected problems with an unannounced sudden leap in expenses. It is very important to first agree on the budget for the works that will be performed. A professional electrician will arrive to the site and after primary inspection inform you about the expected costs. It is expected that he will stick to the budget – and an increase of up to 10-15% in expenses is considered sticking to the budget. Professionals that don't stick to the budget should be avoided, and it is possible to find info about them online on different forums, from reviews posted by unhappy customers.

When you hire a good professional, he will perform his job quickly, reliably and professionally, leaving your home clean and tidy after the completed repair or installation.