Guide to buying property on auction

property auction, buying property on auction, architecture designs, house plans south africa archid architectsAuctions are very popular these days for property purchasing, because they are highly efficient-once your bid is the highest and the hammer verifies this with a bang, you will become a property owner. Of course, in order to make the most from the auction and to avoid downsides or being tricked, it is important to first check property so that you know what you are buying-and to determine just how much you are ready to pay for this particular property.

It is necessary to follow certain steps to make the most from this experience; keep on reading to discover what we are talking about.

1) Research Property Auctions

Research properties that are on auction. After you make a short list of those that are most interesting, contact sellers and arrange a visit to properties. Property viewing will enable you to find out the exact condition of the property as well as to have a precise idea of how much money you are willing to pay for it. You can take an architect or a contractor with you to give you professional opinion about the important constructional elements of the property.

2) Look into official documents

It is important to know what you are buying. If auctioned property is due for demolition, you will not be able to stop this simply because you have bought it in an auction. So visit officials and get homebuyer's report and structural report.

3) Check legal documents

You can usually ask to see legal documents of the property so investigate details in title deed, local authority information, list of property values, etc. Read the fine print so that you don't miss anything in these important info.

4) Monitor guide price

Very often auctioneers will set first price low, to catch the interest of potential buyers-which means that property price could go significantly higher on the actual auction. Monitor guide price to see how it will rise till auction-this will give you an idea how much interest is for the particular property.

5) Prepare the finances for the house auction

In order to successfully buy a property on the auction, you need to prepare your finances-have the money for the auction, because once you win a property on the auction you will have to pay 10% right away-and you need to pay remaining 90% within the next 30 days. If you don't pay the remaining 90% within this deadline, you will lose paid 10% as well as the bought property.

Property auctions are exciting and effective way to buy a property. This enables you to significantly cut down the time and the stress of property buying, which is something that majority of people name as one of the most intensive stresses in human life. By following our tips on how to prepare, your auctioning experience will be much more positive.