Guide to buying a holiday home

For anyone who has a favorite holiday destination, sometimes it is good to consider purchasing a holiday home. This awards you the freedom and comfort of a home away from home, and you can enjoy great savings in the long run. One of the main attractions to owning a holiday home is the fact that there is the potential for some pretty strong returns as well as the high occupancy rates that come with it. This is a great investment, but the decision should never be taken too hastily. It is important to think everything through so as to be sure that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Why a holiday home?

A holiday home is a great idea, especially when you think of it as an investment. During the peak season and when you are not planning a vacation in the area, this holiday home can bring some extra income that can come in handy when times are tough. You need to make a few considerations so as to ensure that you choose the most ideal location and the perfect holiday home to fit your needs.

Things that have to be considered

  • Location: this is the main thing that you should seriously consider. Is the holiday home in an industry town like one that attracts tourism? If the town is an industry one, then this investment strategy can be really dangerous and you should weigh all the options as carefully as you can. If such an industry suffers, all things in the area will get affected, and at such a time things may not be too good for you. If there are many different industries in the community, the rental income and the growth of capital could be more consistent. It is very essential to choose a good location for the holiday home.
  • Amenities: it is important to choose a holiday home that is placed in an area that is close to different amenities that are very useful. When you have features like a beautiful view, tourist spots, shopping centers and restaurants, it can be a very great plus for you. Make sure the area that you select is only a few hours’ drive from a major city or town or that it is close to a functional airport.
  • Holiday escapes: it is always important to select a location that is a suitable holiday escape. You should also focus on the unit prices as well as the house prices within the area. You should consider the possible yields that you could possibly get.

Other considerations to make include:

Total yearly returns

Calculate the total returns in terms of rent for an entire year. Don’t concentrate on the peak periods alone. Calculate the rental income as per the property’s value and after all the expenses have been deducted.

The likely capital growth

Capital growth in different holiday homes is sometimes more unpredictable than other city locations due to the fact that the owners spend discretionary. When the economy goes up, many will go for holiday homes, but when times get tough, many people try to sell. The fluctuations in the demand can impact the values of a holiday home to a large extent.


You must ask all the important questions like how long the peak season is and how you will manage the property.