Choosing the correcting lighting fixtures for your home

Correct lighting is the key to create perfect atmosphere in your home, especially in rooms where you spend the most time-usually in the living room and in the bedroom. Too much light and room will look cold and "clinically sterile". Too little light and it will look dark and gloomy.

 Living room

When it comes to lighting in your living room, you will get great effect and bring an air of glamour with a striking chandelier design. Chandeliers in the living room provide the best effect of dispersed lighting. Still, be careful when choosing one because too much light can make your living room look cold. Think about building in regular switches with which you can control amount of light. Wall lights are great option to create feel of welcome and warmth. Placed over seating area (chairs, sofas and armchairs) they can create feel of different room "zones" and thus make it look larger.

Lights above paintings not only put a light on art but also create image on the wall. It is also a good idea to put lights in the shelves to intensify certain atmosphere.

Lamps are much more versatile than regular fixtures and are ideal if you want a minimal feel of lighting in the room. Plus, you can change location of lamps and thus create different visual identity and atmosphere in the room. Lamps come in many different shapes, designs and colors and can be very useful when it comes to defining room design (i.e. traditional, classic, modern or romantic). Floor lamps are excellent choice to provide light in dark corners.


When it comes to light in the bathroom, you need to apply more "layered" approach. To achieve desired effect, you will need several different types of fixtures: spotlight over bathtub and shower, built in lamps around mirror, quality wall lamps for overall lighting-and this will enable the right effect. It is also a good idea to use floor LED lighting that will provide relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in the evening.


Placing wall lights in the bedroom on each side of the bed will provide perfect lighting for evening reading. Lamps on each side of the bed provide symmetry and provide perfect amount of light.

General tips for lighting

When choosing lighting watch for the distance from water source. Avoid floor lamps with open and exposed bulbs. To provide lighting under the shower use water-resistant mini reflector light that will give special effect to the shower and bathroom in the general. When it comes to wall lighting, always position 2-3 wall build in lamps around mirrors, and for the special lighting effect, combine them with ceiling lamps. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that you need strong light around mirror because you will use it when putting make up on or when shaving. Lamp can be built in the mirror itself or placed above it.


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