About Archid Architects

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Archid Architects - Johannesburg

Archid Architects South Africa offers residential and commercial design and architectural services mostly to potential clients throughout South Africa. We offer these services from our design studio which is located in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Archid has over the years been involved in the design of new residences in some of the exclusive golf estates and gated communities mostly around Johannesburg and Pretoria. We have also designed many building additions, renovations and upgrades to housing units throughout the greater Gauteng region.

Our Design Approach - House Plans

Archid architects south africa Double storey 3 bedroom house plans double storey house plans South Africa 3 bedroom house plans 4 bedroom house plans South Africa modern house plans modern house design house plans with photos simple house plans free house plans, Professionals Dynamic Residential & Commercial Archid Architect, Architect, Architecture & Design, House plansOur architectural designs have mostly been in the South African versions of Traditional, Tuscan, Modern, Contemporary, Bali styles of architecture.  The design approach used by Archid has always been that of inclusivity. We have always wanted to engage the homeowner throughout the design process.  From taking a brief from a client right up to the construction period, Archid ensures that the client form part of the decision making on all aspects of the work.  This way our clients feel free to question, make input and eventually own the entire design concept.

Our Design Ethos

Because of the number of projects undertaken in residential estate, we have grown accustomed to most architectural design guidelines and rules that are usually stipulated in these estates.  Our design ethos caters more and more for this kind of liaison with homeowners associations and their architects or appointed representatives. Because some of our projects have been implemented in all other provinces, our experience and expertise ensures that there will always be smooth cooperation and coordination among the various professionals regardless of where the property is located.  This also means that we have hands-on experience in various local requirements and regulations.

Our Fees

Most clients have also found our affordable architectural fee structure to be another deciding factor for choosing us.  Most have complemented us in providing them with the highest level of design services at a cost that they could afford. Our love for architecture and design ensures that our quality of work doesn’t fluctuate according to price.  Every project is handled as if it were to be entered into a design competition. As a result, Archid Architects South Africa always pays considerable effort to how our designs will be interpreted by those interested in architecture as of now and right into the future.