A Guide to Water Fountain, Ponds and Water Features

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When designing the landscaping of your yard, of course you will want some plants and flowers that are attractive.  Another option to make your yard more attractive and distinctive is to install a water feature.  A water fountain can create a unique and very pleasant atmosphere, and the sound of water splashing can also be used as a method of therapy to get some peace.

Most water fountains are generally driven by electricity so that the water can keep flowing for a long time. Various types of water fountains or water feature with electric pump systems are sold in the market.  They can be selected according to the needs and tastes of the property owner.  But what if you would prefer a water fountain that works without the help of electricity? This type of water fountain is usually referred to as an eternal fountain.

Water Fountain & Parts

For those who are very curious about the functionalities of water fountains works, keep reading. The following are needed to install an eternal water fountain:

  • Water tube
  • Drums, gallons of water or any other type of container that can be used to store water
  • Water hose used for water circulation
  • A place to lay water tendon, which can be a steel frame or concrete wall

The working principle of this water fountain is to put pressure on the water in the pump until the water moves. The pressure of the water will build and it will gush upwards and then will usually fall or trickle into a lower basin of the water fountain.  The pump is usually in the basin of the fountain, but it could also be located in a hidden chamber.

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Having an eternal water fountain of course will be more friendly for your budget as you won’t need to pay a high electricity bill every month to keep your fountain running. Moreover, the materials required for the manufacturing of this style of fountain are also quite simple, and they can be installed just about anywhere. If you would like a larger fountain with more water circulating, you could even have a pond as the base of the fountain.

Even though the construction of these types of fountains are quite simple, you will still need to maintain the fountain and watch out for certain issues you may have. You should check to make sure there aren’t mineral deposits building up in the water fountain. This could keep it from working efficiently and may stop the function altogether. You will also need to keep an eye on the water level in the basin (this shouldn’t be an issue if your water source is a pond) to make sure that there is sufficient water to keep the fountain running in a beautiful way.