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Home decor mistakes which may devastate any decor project

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Someone may check the room decor scheme and can remark easily that something is not working but he may find it hard to know the reason why it is not working.

Learn how you can avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to interior design and decor.

  • Forgeting to make home decor plans

Devising a detailed project brief and listing the essentials before you start any decor project is going to save you enough time in the end.  You need to ask yourself about the practical question like what you want to use the room for, if  there is going to be enough sockets or lamps that will be needed in the entire room or on the mantelpiece.

Hiring an interior designer, home designs, ArchidIf this is the case, you should know how you are going to deal with some trailing wires.  Having a good storage is also important. You have to ask if the existing storage is a good position or if you are going to need more places. The approach is to do a complete room survey.  When you have finished, it is going to help you in balancing of what you have already in the room compared to what you may want to add in it.

This is then the time that you should be able to think about the remaining part of this equation by taking into account how you wish to live, if it is a relaxed, formal or adaptable way.

Any type of the lighting scheme has to offer the right illumination so that you can see without the interference of the glare and there should be the task lightning in the specific places or to add also a dramatic option.

  • Under or over lighting your home decor project

There are many people who may find it hard to achieve a successful lighting scheme and in this case, it is going to help when they stick to the basic decor plan using a three point plan in order to choose the right lighting. The first step is to offer the right lighting so that you can see around and that other people may see you but without being glaring or over bright.

The second step is the task lighting; you should have strong side lamps that can be used to read a book or to do computer work. The third step is to consider the place where you can use the dramatic lighting. You may think about a room that may be like the stage set and which may need the drama and the impact in order to emphasize on the special features such as beautiful fireplace.

You need to think about the decorative objects which need to be highlighted for best interior design effect.  You should then plan for the angled, uplight and downlight spotlights based on these plans.

  • Ignoring how the light may change the colors

You can find what you think that it is the perfect shade on the paint card but you will need to consider orientation of the room since it is something crucial when it comes to plan for the color. The room that faces east or north, they may have the cool light so the warm shades should be used in taking off this chill.

At the same time, the room that faces south or west is normally sunny and using warm colors can be too dominant and it is important to go for a cool palette.  You have also to think about the peculiarities for the exterior light which may be brighter but it is not going to play up the hot colors in the way that the sunnier climates may do that.

The artificial light can change the colors yet once again and they can add the yellow tone while the fluorescent light may tend to create the green cast.  Before you can decide on any color, you should paint some sample at a large piece of the card through using the test pots (you may never get the true reading when you use the paint chip).

You may then take the cards from a room to another room or you can take them out while shopping for the fabric. What the room is used for is going also to make a difference. When you want the light in the dining room which is going to be used only at night, you will need to pick up the color that will look well with the artificial light or candlelight.

  • Failing to plan for the mood

There are many people who choose to buy the homes since they feel good about it.  However, they may fail to recreate such feel good factor when it comes to interior decor and design. The obvious factor has to do with the choice of the color. When red is used, it can make the room feel aggressive; the greens can give the restful feeling while the blue may be unwelcoming or cool.

When beige, pink or soft colors are used, only few people are able to react against them. You should have a plan based on how you wish that people will feel when they are in your home. The way that you will arrange your furniture and how the people will be able to move around is also going to be important.  It can be amazing how the confrontational and badly placed piece of the furniture may look.

  • Becoming timid with the home decor scale

When a decorator is not experienced, it can be hard for him to achieve the right balance between the architectural detailing with the furniture. You can choose the fire surrounds that can get lost into the high ceiling room or when you have a small room, you can have the tendency of choosing the pieces that are appropriate to a doll’s house.

To avoid these mistakes, you should start with the scale plan of the room and add all the key furniture pieces before you can decide about a decor plan at the end. You can see if the space has been balanced correctly or not. You have also to consider the magazine with a real life room.  It can be amazing how helpful it is going to be when you analyze what it is going to be successful and why it is going to be successful.

You should not be timid if it is about handling of the scale of pattern. Most of the time, it can pay when you keep large scale decor schemes when you have a bigger room. When you have small room, the pattern may be difficult in handling and the safer way is to mix the textured plans with the patterned cushions in order to add organic movement.

  • When you mix many decor styles

Nowadays, it has become popular to mix different decor styles and it may be too liberating when you cross some stylistic boundaries. Most of the time, we can correct different pieces in our life over many years including these inherited furniture to the modern furniture. However, you should maintain some unity so that the look you want to achieve can work.

Hiring an interior designer, home designs, ArchidYou have to aim at a good balance for the form and to combine some few balances with decent height and bulkiness with other features like the rectangular silhouettes, spindly legs and curved shapes. You have to know that being able to achieve the right balance is not the same as starting from zero.  You have to ask yourself about the piece that you already own and try to edit them in a rigorous manner.

You require great decor skills and it will bring enough fun when you create a new room scheme by using what you have already. You can also pull the scheme together when you concentrate on how you wish the people to react on your interior. You may want them to find it cozy and welcoming or elegant and modern. The chosen decor concept that may be pasted within the sample board and by the use of the tear sheets from the magazine, it will give the useful parameters about what you should not add.

The people were able to embrace the simplest interior with harder finishes over the past years. However, they do not remember that it can affect the noise level of the items.  The echoes can become even more obvious, the bad acoustic may distort the hi-fi sounds or can distort the TV and if you are in the flats, the noise that results into the hard flooring may upset the neighbours who are below and above your flat.

Noise level may become uncomfortable if you like to entertain. You can counteract this by introducing the softer textures which may absorb the harsh noise in the decorative scheme.  The textiles that may absorb the noise are the velvet and chenille, or you may consider the lining at the walls using linen or hessian.

You can also lay the bold and contemporary rug at the wooden floor or you may choose a fabric roman blind to use in the place of the of louvered shutters.

  • Being afraid of the colors

With the popularity that the neutrals are gaining, there are many novice decorators who have breathed the sight of the relief and they can feel as if they do not need to make the decisions about the colors any more. It can feel safer but you have to stick to a no color scheme which may look even tame.

Hiring an interior designer, home designs, ArchidThe colors are now returning to the interior decor and you can try to resolve in experimenting with the overlapping tones of one color and you can pick out one wall and use interesting shade with it or you can use strong accent colors in the neutral room. It is easier when you are confident with the colors and in planning of the stage if you have put together the sample board.

You should first start by getting fun when you collect the watches and the key of putting together the successful color board is using the chosen samples with the correct proportion on a board.  You should place the flooring at a bottom and a large splash of the fabric of the sofa in its middle and fold the tiny pieces of the material in order to represent the cushions and to accent the shades.

  • Poor planning of decor details

Regardless of how beautiful the colors or the fabrics in the room may be, it is sometime the little architectural details which may break or make the successful scheme.  This means everything starting from the joinery and light switches, to moldings and door handles. As you had carried out the full room survey at the start, you should also plan for the finer details in the tandem with the last scheme.

What do you already have, is it possible to change the most recent rose ceiling to have something that can blend easily with other details in the room. You may also think if the modern flush doors will be able to set the style to the precedent throughout.  However, you should not think about these things in isolation but you should think about them together so that they can create a stronger visual decor link within the home.

It can be something smaller like how the sockets or light switches may blend with the contemporary scheme. And it can also be even more significant like how to match the new surround of the new reeded fire to a style of the existing plaster work.  The basic is to keep everything simple and consistent.

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