5 ways to create a dining space in your kitchen

Create an exciting dining spot in your kitchen

dining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFricaYou have a small, or otherwise open plan house with an open floor plan. If a formal dining room is not found among the rooms and you do want a dining area in the kitchen, not all is lost, there are recovery methods to secure a small eating nook in the dining room with little hassle at all. Small eating areas and fitting them into a small room does not have to be dreadful with proper care and planning.

With a small eat in space, this is more do-able than you thought possible with several different options open to you. Options range from a banquette deal to a booth made custom for your space. There are other options as well. There are several options out there if you do look to explore various options really available.

A Banquette Dining Table Setdining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFrica

  • A banquette is a table with 1-2 chairs by it to form a tiny sitting area. You can add or take away chairs as needed, depending on what is needed when you need it.

A Booth Dining Space

  • A custom fit booth can be made for your small space if it is not very huge. A fair sized table and 2 booth seating can be fitted onto each side of a table here. A booth can have coverings on them, should you wish for additional pops of color.

A Bistro Dining Setdining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFrica

  • A bistro set, if the space is exceedingly small. This can lend an outdoorsy flavor to the room. It would very much look best by a sunny window. A bistro seat can be painted to a color, if the case is, to a color complementing the kitchen.

Folding Table and Chairs

  • In an unreasonably small room, there are tricks of the trade that are folding tables and chairs. Have a table custom made to measurements and chairs that may fold in the scenario of a very tiny kitchen.

Thought of Stools?dining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFrica

  • A set of stools in an exceedingly small room can also be still a solution. If the stools are easily movable and can be moved within requirements; added to and removed from, the seating will help make having a table there manageable according to scenariosin question.


dining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFrica

A small kitchen can be exceedingly annoying at first appearance, but with careful planning, it can be handled and an eating space added easily, but with planning. Haphazardly placing tables and chairs is a risky proposition, but with careful planning, this is do-able.

A kitchen, however small can be planned well and executed well once the initial planning is completed, rather than to haphazardly throw in, so to speak, a table and handful of chairs, which could become an obstruction in your movements around the kitchen. You can do a small kitchen free of obstruction with proper planning the elements so they will fit nicely.

Having a formal dining room is not common in most houses today, especially if there is an open floor plan. The most common option that people now turn to is creating a social hub in the kitchen for friends and family so that they may gather around to chat, drink or eat.

dining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFricaYou can have the dining space you dream about, whether you want to host a swanky dinner or you want to have somewhere else to eat besides in front of the TV.  When the home does not have any dining space, it could make life more difficult. However, there are some hacks that will ensure that you have enough space to eat, and you can also disguise the space as something else when you are not using it.

In case you do not have enough space, you need to be creative about the placement of the dining chairs and table. You might want to consider creating a window seat.

The kitchen may not be too big, so it will be hard to install an island where you can sit. However, this does not mean that you are not able to incorporate a dining area in the space you have.

  1. Turn a drawer into a table.

This is an idea that you can use if you live in a small home.  When the drawer is closed, the area will look as if it is an island with cabinets and drawers. If you pull the drawer out, it will turn into an eat-in surface. It will be the perfect place for you to pull out the stools to eat on your date night or for morning breakfast.

  1. Install a fold out table.

If you are living in a home with only one other person and you do not entertain often, then you may decide a fold out table is perfect for just two people.  You may install a hinged table under the window or in any other place that is not used.  You can then fold it out to make an eat-in surface whenever you want to wine or dine.

  1. Hack the bookshelf to make it also work as a table.

Your bookshelf may have a hidden secret. You can make it into a fold out table that may seat two or even more guests for your dinner. It also can hold books, decorative objects and dishes.

  1. Hang shelves.

A deep shelf could be turned into a makeshift breakfast bar.  You should make sure that you are using only sturdy brackets, and be careful not to lean on it too much.  You may hang the shelf in front of the window so that you may create space.  If it is not being used, then you put some books on it, and it will look like a regular shelf.

  1. Build a picture frame.

This is both art and a table. It is easy to build, and it changes how the kitchen looks.

A formal dining room is no longer very common, particularly in modern and open plan homes.  It is being replaced by the casual dining area in the kitchen.  The common way to achieve this social space is to put a dining table and chairs in the kitchen.

dining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFricaHowever, few kitchens have enough space to have the dining area that everyone may be dreaming about.  If this is your situation, then consider the following.

  • Turn the storage area into a breakfast bar: if you have a compact kitchen, you will need to ensure that each space in the kitchen is being used in the right way. This is why you should choose items that can be multi-functional. There is a stylish set of handle-less drawers that may be used for a breakfast bar. In this way, you get a place to use as storage while you also get a place where you can enjoy your coffee and dinner.
  • Use a pull out worktop: even if the pull out segment on the worktop is usually used as a preparation area, you may add a wide pull out section or put a different segment together so that you can create space for a mini breakfast bar. You should think about where you should put the worktop. The pullout may be used for preparation, but when needed it can also be used as a perch. It should not get in the way while cooking.
  • Add a small overhang: add a small ledge in order to make the worktop into a functional breakfast bar. You can extend it a few inches so that you can get enough space where you can perch. It is possible to use the hinged options that can be folded away if they are not being used. In this way, they help to save space.
  • Create a cozy booth: the corner may be a tricky space when you wish to work with it. A great way of making the most of the area is to use a corner banquette.  This is the perfect area for creating a restaurant-style dining booth. You will not have to encroach on the remaining room with the use of chairs.
  • Lose the base unit or even two: with some clever planning, you can remove some of the cabinets and storage to create more space. You can get rid of one or two cabinets at the end of a run in order to incorporate a little bar there. When storage is needed, you can add two open shelves over the breakfast bar.
  • Incorporate the café style: if the space is not big enough, you can use a thin bistro table that offers space to eat and perch. It will also make the space stylish.
  • Decrease the number of chairs: although a table may be designed to accommodate chairs on both sides, it does not mean that you have to stick to this arrangement always. In case you wish to have a big surface area, you should choose a slim and long table and put it against the wall. You may add a chair on each side so that seating will not obstruct the pathway.
  • Go for foldable chairs: when you have a compact kitchen, it is not always about a dining table. You have to also think about the chairs to make sure that they do not get in the way if they are not being used. You can choose folding chairs or stools that can be hung on hooks or stowed away.
  • Have a customized dining table: the table does not always have to be round or rectangular or square. In case you have an odd space, you have to consider talking to a carpenter in order to make a bespoke piece. Custom chairs and tables will allow the dining area to get squeezed in the space that may have been wasted otherwise. If it is not being used, the table can fold in half while the stools will fit well under the tables.
  • Banquette style: the banquette is an easy project that you can do on your own. It can fit into any type of the kitchen you have, and it can be a personal decoration. The modern kitchen includes an integral dining place.  It is a sensible choice that means that the dining room may be combined with the kitchen without overpowering or making the space seem even smaller.

dining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFricaHaving an eat-in kitchen has become a way that people can reconnect and socialize with friends and family. Each person can take part in cooking the meals, which is part of the charm of having such a kitchen.

While deciding on adding anything in your kitchen, remember that it is a place where you may socialize, wash dishes and cook food. It is a hub for any house, and people will end up gathering there whether it is during a family dinner or party.  The kitchen has to reflect your own personality and your tastes. The kitchen is an important room in the home, and it is usually the busiest and sometimes the messiest.  With all the options you have on the market, it is easy to narrow down what you need in your kitchen.  The kitchen aisle is important since it is the place where you may add storage space and countertops.  These are great spaces where you may store items and also enjoy your breakfast or do some work.  You can get any look you want in an eat-in kitchen while at the same time keeping it functional.

dining room chairs dining room tables dining table dining chairs dining room sets Archid Architects Fourways Johannesburg South AFricaCustom cabinets will make the kitchen shine, and they can help you use each inch of the space that you wish to use. The cabinets in the kitchen can also double up as a breakfast nook and dining place.  You should also make sure that there is enough light in the kitchen since it can help you turn your kitchen into an entertainment space or a place where you may enjoy  the outdoor while staying inside. Most of the time, if the sun can reach into your kitchen; you will be able to work there for a long period.

If you want to make your kitchen a dining room, you should also be careful about the new hardware you use.  You should add plumbing fixtures, light fixtures or other cabinets, keeping in mind that they should make the kitchen a relaxed space to enjoy your meals.

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