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13 Ways to Save Electricity

Easy Ways To Save Electricity and Lower Your Energy Bills

We are all living at a pace that demands smart choices that economically benefit us. If we follow a particular habit, we can drastically save electricity and reduce the amount of money that goes towards paying the electricity bill.

It is all about pure awareness regarding electrical appliances. Knowing about what you are using at your place and how much of energy they are consuming is vital. This article aims to give you solid tips that will help you save up on your electricity bill. A small change can give you year-round savings that will make your pocket celebrate the person you are.

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Electricity is becoming a scarce commodity with time. Modern lifestyle follows a system that is convenient and energy efficient. It is becoming a fashion to be suitable to the nature around you. There are so many ways that encourage feasible ways of developing a way of living. Ways to enforce save electricity is gaining popularity as people are getting more and more aware. This kind of awareness is essential to have sustainable development at a personal and a social level. Individuals can implement methods in ways that suit their requirements and their economic level. Technology is providing users with customized options to benefit them in the way that is best for their choice. Preferences are different from person to person, but that doesn’t reduce the methods which can be followed to save energy. Everyone can implement smart choices that are discussed below in their way.  

Suggestive methods to save money on your electricity bill are discussed in detail below: 

  • Switching off appliances when not in use:

The most common thing we hear about is switching off electronics when they are not in use. However overused this advice is, it is the first step towards conserving energy. It will also help in reducing the amount you spend every month towards electricity. Most of us don’t realize when fans are switched on in empty rooms which waste unnecessary energy. Avoid having two electrical devices running for the same purpose as having fans running in an air-conditioned room. Lights are often lit at unnecessary places such as your front porches. It might look beautiful, but it is more effective not to use these lights when you don’t require them. Aesthetics shouldn’t cost you any amount that you don’t have to spend. 

  • Using solar and wind energy:

Using solar energy for generation of electricity has been a popular choice for a few years now. The installation charges in the initial stage are high, but the follow-up benefits are worth it. After spending on the setup, there are no additional charges for electricity that you use. This helps your pocket and the environment at the same time. Windmills are a great method to implement natural ways to generate electricity. Though setting up a windmill isn’t feasible for all situations it is an excellent choice if you can set up one. There are lots of innovative devices available today. Some of them facilitate in a wide range of options to invest in solar energy.

  • Maintaining your electronic equipments:

It is highly recommended to maintain your electrical devices at regular intervals. Devices like the fridges, water heaters, ACs, etc. consume electricity the most. Keeping your AC or fridge tuned makes you benefit from them efficiently. Air filters of an AC must be kept clean to avoid clogs. Maintaining your AC will reduce extra repair expenditure in the future. Insulation of your water heater and cleaning the coils of your fridge can provide you with huge savings. It is wise to use proper guidelines while using technical appliances. You can also use energy saving apps to know how much energy is being consumed by every device. When people don’t maintain their devices regularly, they will have to deal with problems. These problems will demand money that could have been avoided through maintenance. 

  • Using smart technologies:  

A low-flow restrictor can be used to manage the amount of water that is used by your heater. Technology to either control the lighting or installing dimmer lights add to your ambiance and reduces strain on your pockets. Even the cookware you use for cooking effects the amount of energy that is consumed. Glass cookware is comparatively a better as a choice to save energy. Use gadgets that promise low consumption of electricity while giving you the quality you deserve. Today, even energy efficient windows are available to encourage savings on energy. Proper research can provide you with options that can be implemented to save money. Technology is getting better and more economical with time to suit the current choices of today.

  • Look at alternatives:

There are so many pocket-friendly methods that you can follow instead of using electrical devices. Choosing cold water for washing clothes and dishes avoids the use of a heater for these things. You can air dry dishes instead of running the dishwasher. A clothes dryer also uses a lot of energy. You can hand dry your clothes instead and save up on electricity. Always cook with the lids on to make sure all of the heat is used correctly. Any type of clothing can also be hand-washed to maintain its quality. This will enable you to conserve the energy spent by a washing machine smartly. We can live without using technical devices for everything by opting for alternative methods. Even a fundamental change like opting for LED light bulbs can make a difference. Instead of incandescent bulbs, LED light bulbs will save up on 90% of the energy consumed by lights. 

  • Lifestyle changes:

Simple lifestyle changes can extensively profit you with regard to your electricity bill. Don’t opt for food that requires the microwave. Go for natural food items like fruits and salads which can be eaten right away. Rearranging your appliances is also a smart way to avoid over-consumption of energy. Reducing the amount of time your friends or family spend in front of the television can reduce the cost of your electricity bill. Buy your electronics during offseason to have low initial expenditure. You can incorporate celebrations by cooking on a barbeque and add festivity while saving on energy used for gas. Thawing food is also recommended so that less energy is used while cooking.

  • Comfort vs. Savings:

There are so many items that provide comfort to us either mentally or physically. But, there are times when you must choose savings against temporary comfort to be comfortable for a long run. Having a balance when you choose what kind of temperature you want in your house can make a huge difference. Opting for electrical fans instead of air conditioners for every occasion is much more manageable. It is better to take up the responsibility to adjust temperatures as per the requirement. This is better instead of getting accustomed to the temperatures of your thermostat to save money on your electricity bill.

  • Get rid of old appliances:

Using old appliances don’t work effectively and consume more energy than the latest models. The latest models can work on low energy and satisfy your requirements. All of this while not making a massive hole in your pocket. Change the appliances with time as the new technology today aims to be environmentally friendly and cost effective. Even bulbs must be changed according to your needs. There are so many energy efficient bulbs available today. These bulbs will reduce the number of watts consumed and can also be used for a longer time. This is one of the practices that are easy to follow but isn’t implemented correctly in households.

  • Use natural lighting and shade:

The best way to make the most of the nature that is around us is to use natural lighting and shade. You can open up the curtains and let the sunshine in to keep your house bright. Shady landscapes can provide a natural set up to save your house from the scorching heat. Putting up green sheds on the top of your buildings is also a wise way to cool your rooms down. You can keep your doors open on a windy day instead of using fans and air conditioning to cool your house. If you are constructing your own place, you can invest in efficient planning of the location. This will help you to reap maximum benefits from the environment. 

  • Painting the right shades:

Interior designing plays a huge role with regard to how the inside of a house feels. Choose the right colors for your walls and the right set up of curtains, windows, and materials of furniture. With this can control the temperature of a room to a certain extent. Dark colors are more absorbent of heat thus might make the room feel as if it is congested and hot. It is essential to take advice from experts to have an airy and well-lit room that makes use of feasible mediums. Professionals with the right knowledge can provide you with an environment inside your house. These environments won’t require advanced devices for spaciousness or lighting.  

  • Energy audit:

Lots of companies encourage the concept of having an energy audit done. You can even avail free programs that facilitate this service for your household. This is one of the best methods to understand how correctly your household is functioning. There are methods and materials available from which you can study about conducting your own energy audit. This is a smart way to calculate the reason for your electricity bill in digits with proper accuracy.

  • Ghost consumption of electronics:

Lots of electrical devices consume energy even after being switched off. There is a study that claims that 75% of the energy consumed is done through home electronics while they are turned off. It is recommended that you plug off the devices until it becomes a habit to turn off the power strips between the times of usage. Most of the devices that act as phantom users of electricity are televisions, computers, stereos, etc. The way energy flows through the electrical network doesn’t facilitate the energy saved when these devices are turned off. This small fact can help you make significant savings.

  • Effective uses of spaces:

When you are using a washing machine or fridge, you can make smart choices to influence your electricity bill. You can minimize the amount of overall energy you spend on washing clothes by only washing full loads every time. Keeping your freezer full is also a way to save money as food acts as a medium of insulation. This reduces the amount of time the fridge has to be used to fulfill its purpose. There is a sure way to use spaces. Putting uncovered food in a fridge creates a situation of condensation that will make it hard for the fridge to work.

There are few thumb rules to follow whenever you are trying to reduce the money you are spending towards electricity. They can be summarized as below: 

  1. Switch off all the electrical appliances when not in use. 
  2. Make the best use of the nature around you and implement nature-friendly methods for light and airy environment.
  3. Ensure regular check-ups and cleanings of the electrical appliances in the house to use them efficiently.
  4. Take expert help to understand how much energy is being consumed in the house and by which devices. 

The few methods above explain practices that can make your lifestyle more eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly. These habits will help you cut down on the money that is spent on electricity. We unknowingly spend so much of money towards paying bills that it spoils our mood for the rest of the month. Controlling expenses in this manner is the best way for you to reduce your electricity bill. Make the right choices for a better future for yourself with respect to the money you spend on electricity bills. Also, keep an eye on the energy that is consumed by your household. Be part of a brighter world without spending unnecessary money on electrical appliances. 

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