10 Things you need to know about building plans

1) Hire an architect

Your first step when you start building is to contact professional architect. Architect takes into consideration different data that can be put in 3 basic categories: function, aesthetics and construction, as well as one additional-energy efficiency. It is good when you know what you want and give an architect a clear project task, but be prepared for necessary compromises.

Don't just work on your own, because lack of knowledge of legal framework when it comes to building plans could cost you a lot. There are different laws and regulations that define acceptable and not acceptable in construction works.

2) Preparing documentation

Before you start building, you need to get a permit for it. It is necessary to make sure that the land where you want to build is appropriate for it, i.e. that it is allowed to build home there. You will be informed what documents you need to provide to get permit for building. One of documents will be Building Project that architect will prepare. After you get a permit, only then can the works start.

3) Development of main project

After you get a permit, architect will prepare Main Project. This project will include architecture of the building, construction (static), electrics project, heating and cooling project and expenses for each of these. Project will define materials that should be used, works that should be performed and expenses for each.

4) Choosing supervisory engineer

When you get all the permits, authorized engineer will border area of construction and you will inform officials that works are starting. Only authorized professionals can perform construction works. It is important to sign a contract with this company so you can formally validate your relationship and mutual duties and rights. Supervisory engineer is important for your project because he will supervise works on the construction site, write down journal of works and is officially responsible that all the construction works are performed as it should be done.

5) Choosing Construction Company

Get at least 3 offers from 3 companies and with your supervisory engineer take a visit to sites where these companies have worked before. The easiest solution is to hire one main construction company that will take over responsibility to complete entire project and, when necessary, hire subcontractor.

6) Preparing construction site before building

7) Hydro-isolation and thermo-isolation under the basement

Once the site has been prepared, area of construction will be bordered according to the main project. Once the foundation, walls and chimney positions have been defined, workers will start digging and building basement. Quality hydro and thermo isolation in the basement are some of the most important elements when constructing home.

8) Building the basement

9) Ordering and delivering construction materials on the site

Once the concrete in the basement is ready for next construction works, which will be in about 2 days, works can continue. According to dynamics of work and deadlines, contractor will order building materials at least a week before they plan to start working. The key is synchronize order and delivery of materials.

10) Use free resources

Use energy from nature to make your home more energy-efficient. This should be built in the project-how to use solar energy or water energy.


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