From archid: welcome!

Whether you are an individual homeowner or seasoned property developer, undertaking a simple building project or multi-housing development, we just make the journey so much easier. To the client, this means being able to obtain creative conceptual designs, up-to-date planning advise and information, Cost saving building advise, quality designs and construction drawings, etc. That's not all. What is even more important is to have all the above brought to you at the right TIME, COST and from the right SOURCE.

High Quality Designs

Our belief is that any planning and design will fail if it does not pay particular attention to the purpose for which it is commissioned for.

At Archid we have the flexibility to offer our clients any of our services and products in various combinations to form an ideal solution. This will include: House plans, building plans, architectural designs, Office layouts, blueprints, 3D Renders, etc

Archid offers a wide range of comprehensive residential and commercial architectural and draughting services. These services include (but not limited to):

  • Residential Architecture.
  • Commercial & Industrial.
  • Planning co-ordination.
  • Office Space Planning and Refurbishments.


Computer 3dVisualisations

The quality of our 3D Models ensures that the client receives an accurate understanding of the design intentions right from the start.

Archid utilizes leading 3D Visualization tools at the preliminary stages of design to introduce the client, with exceptional detail, to the proposed design outcomes.

This gives the client the "sixth sense" into the design process earlier on which then assist both client and the design team to have an unequivocal input throughtout the design stage. In Housing developments this also ensures attractive 3D "photo-real" visuals for use in Sales pamphlets, etc.